Chapter Sixteen» Yaseen

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Glancing at the two people before me; an unknown whisper was spoken between us. Making me tense and offer the woman a kind smile. Ignoring the way her judgemental eyes danced around me, and to the man beside me.

Elegance would be an understatement for her, as she held a grey Ted Baker, bag in her arm. Her  strong perfume whiffing through my nose. The blue of her eyes, glanced at me, almost accusing. Making my breathing halt. As I spoke. Smiling softly at her.

" Its lovely to meet you too, Farida. I'm Aazeen" I said softly, causing her to expose a bright smile yet it didn't reach her eyes. As she nodded her head. " Likewise" she murmured, glancing at Ammar. Whose eyes were trained on me. Not moving.

" Please come inside" I offered, making her nod slightly and stalk inside the house, with me behind her and Ammar large figure beside me.
I could see Farida, take a seat on the sofa. Making me eternally thank Allah for tidying the house. 

Sitting opposite Farida, I glanced at Ammar who sat beside me and Farida in the opposite sofa. As a heavy silence fell on us, making the atmosphere tense.

" Wow, so Aazeen I hear you're from Pakistan. What's it like there? " she asked, curiosity lacing her words yet slight humour in them. Making me tense. Clearing my throat. I offered the woman a smile before,

" Pakistan is like any other country. It's a beautiful place, filled with wonderful people"  I spoke proudly seeing something flash across her face,  before she hid it away. Crossing her left leg on her right one, whilst sitting forward. Making her white pants tighten against the movement. She spoke,  her voice sickly sweet.

" Of course,  well as you know. I'm Ammar's good friend. I've known him since diaper days and in honour of his marriage. I've hosted a party. It's this Saturday and you have to come. Ammar darling, I'll text you the address" she spoke.

Smiling at Ammar who did nothing but nod at the woman. I could see the longing in  her eyes as she stood up, running a hand through her dress shirt before smiling tightly at me.

" It was lovely meeting you, don't forget to dress nicely. Everyone will be there " she said, clasping her hands. Her eyes raking over my clothes, making me tense, but nonetheless smile at the woman. Ignoring her judgemental eyes.

Glancing at Ammar, I could see his heated gaze on me. Something dark flashing through his eyes, as he led her towards the front door. Offering his goodbye to the woman.

Hearing the door shut. I inhaled sharply before turning around and making my way down the other end of the hall. All the whilst feeling  his gaze on me. Making me glance at him, seeing his face harden. Reaching the top of the spiral staircase, his face disappeared, as I made my way upstairs and in to  the hallway,  leading towards the large room, at the end.

Entering inside. I could feel the warm breeze hit against me. Making me miss the soft welcoming  breeze at home. Swallowing down my dry throat,  I reached towards my phone. Feeling my fingers slide through the contacts, and land on the all too familiar one.

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