Chapter two: Just moving along

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"Asriel it will only be for a little while OK. Wow you such a crybaby when I need to leave. I will be back you know, we promised to never leave for a long time now just remember what I told you. All we need is six more OK, then everyone will be free. Will you just be brave, for me? Asriel are you listening? Asriel? Asriel!"

I jumped up as the dream left my thoughts. "No I can't go through that again, not like I did with Chara, that human couldn't be Chara, could they?" I began to look around and saw that I was in the same spot that I fell in. Same damp place.

"Time for me to go find them," I said telaporting in the ground and coming out to see that the human was at that point. You know, the longest room in the game, the part that Toriel leaves...the part that mo- never mind.

Any who, so she gives the human the phone and runs off, same old game encrypted stuff. The human wait as told, but falls asleep. "Now is my chance," I say in a low whisper. I go towards the human, but something stops me. They began to move violently, shaking as if they were having a bad dream. I quickly his as they jolted upwards from the shock. I think I heard them say, "No fighting," but they will end up doing so, I know they will.

The human dusted their pants as they got up, grabbed the backpack, and continued on their way, into the actual Ruins where Froggits, Whimsons, Loox, and all the other monsters lied. "They will kill for sure.

I was wrong...

" They mercied every one of them!" I said out of anger. But then they reached the room, the room I was waiting for. The human stared at the pretty landscape of building. Then they saw it. They stared at the toy knife and shuttered. I felt a shutter down my stem, something I've never felt before, but I ignored the fact of it.

After they grabbed the knife, the human, or should I just say Chara, put the toy in their bag. Then off they went to the Home. They stopped in front of the dead tree as mo-Toriel came out with her phone. She guided them inside, and with the sent of Buttspie coming out the kitchen window. It brought back a memory to my head.

Chara made dad a Buttspie for daddy's day, but he got real sick after the first slice. Turns out we were soupost to use cups of butter and not the buttercups from the garden. Silly us, but me remembering that also brought wonder to my head...

Does Chara even remember me?

Well there is chapter 2 and I'm done for the day. I think to get this going strong I can try to do two chapters a day....great idea right....well....see u in the next chapter....bye!

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