Chapter 12: Rescue

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"Okay, where should we start looking?" Alpha asked the others after having killed the remaining workers in the room.

"They must have a lot to hide if they decided to take their work underground." Talos remarked, scanning through the other rooms.

"Or they're hiding from us 'cause they know we'll kick all their butts!" Alpha cheered, pumping his fist into the air.

"Let's split up and investigate the area." Talos ordered. "There has to be a reason for them to be abducting refugees, and we're going to find it."

"Jaeger and I will stick together to look for Ling." Alpha told him, looking towards Jaeger.

"Do as you will. I'm going to look for any information that could be of use to us." Talos nodded before heading off.

"You think we'll find anyone in here?" Alpha asked as the two made their way into a separate room.

"That's what we came to see." Jaeger replied bluntly.

"And do you really think that we should have trusted this Talos guy so easily?" He continued, looking back to make sure he was out of earshot. "We just got in his ship with him without even thinking about it."

Jaeger stopped in his tracks, finally turning to face his teammate.

"You're forgetting that our fireteam takes priority. Li Ling was taken, and this man had a lead as to where we might find her. Now whether Talos is a refugee, a New Monarchy agent, or the Speaker himself, finding Ling is my priority." He tilted his head and pulled Alpha's hood off playfully. "And besides, we can take on anything, remember?"

"Sure." Alpha grinned.


They only had to enter the next room to learn the fate of the abducted Guardians.

"These are... cages!" Alpha gasped, running towards the nearest one. "There's someone in here, Jaeger!"

He summoned his Ghost to open the lock, but the man inside refused to leave the cage.

"Please..." He begged shakily. "No more. Just let us leave...!"

Jaeger approached the cage and pulled the man out rather roughly, causing an outburst of hysteria from him.

"Calm down." He barked, notable annoyance in his tone.

"Hey, we're not here to hurt you." Alpha attempted to soothe him. "We're refugees."

"You mean we're free?" The man gaped, barely containing his excitement.

"Yeah, but first we need to find a few more people." Alpha sighed.

"Stay here until we come back." Jaeger ordered sternly, dropping the man by the door.

The man's praises echoed along the hall as the two Hunters continued looking through the cages. The reactions of the other prisoners were similar to that of the first man. First fear, followed by endless praise and excitement.

"Will all these people even fit on the ship?" Alpha wondered aloud as his Ghost opened another lock.

"They've been undergoing experiments down here for several weeks." Jaeger stated. "They can handle cramped spaces for a few more hours."

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