Chapter 11

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I walked in the kitchen and sat down at the counter. I felt weird and out of place. I was gonna make an excuse to leave, but before I could he walked in and started talking.

"First things first, what's your name?" he asked.


"Okay Briana, I'm Bl-"

"I know who you are Blake Griffin," I interrupted with a smile.

"Really, because last night you-"

"I pretended to not know you because I didn't care who you were, I just wanted you to have fun and I think I succeeded," I said confidently.

He chuckled a little. It was cute.

"Well thank you. I really needed that," he said.

I saw a tall black guy out of the corner of eye. He flopped on the couch, which caused me to laugh silently.

"DeAndre, this is Briana," Blake said.

"Hi Briana, you can call me DJ," he said.

"Oh my god, my sister danced with DeAndre Jordan last night," I said in a calm fangirl kinda way.

"That was you sister? Did she say anything about me?" he asked with a really big grin.

"Well she did have fun with you, but you're not her type," I said.

I felt really bad because Demia had bad taste in men and DJ seemed like a good guy.

"Don't be upset though. Her taste in men sucks. She likes unattractive guys thy treat her like shit. You're too good looking for her anyway," I told him.

He walked in the kitchen, sat next to me and put his arm around me.

"I like her," he said to Blake with that same grin.

He winked at me then went back to the couch.

"Oh we're watching Step Brothers by the way!" DJ shouted.

"So are you from around here or are you on vacation?" Blake asked.


"My dad shipped me out here for the summer," I said trying not to sound annoyed.

"So where are you from?"

"Bum fuck South Carolina."

"Okay, so why'd your dad send you here?"

"I got into some trouble back home, so he sent me here to 'better myself' at this camp, but I'm doing dance instead."

"Girl, you are bad," he joked.

I sighed, "I know man, I know," I laughed.

All of a sudden a dog came running out. He put his two front paws on my leg.

"I remember you," I said to the dog, "what's his name?" I asked Blake.


"Hi Chaney! How ya doin'."

He got really excited and tried to jump in my lap.

"Chaney, no!" Blake said.

"It's okay, I love dogs," I told him.

When he got a little less excited, he went and jumped on the couch with DJ.

After Chaney left, I realized that I needed to practice for my dance performance. I didn't wanna be rude, so I just sat in the chair trying to perfect these moves. I noticed that wasn't gonna work, so I just sat there playing with my tongue piercing, like I always do when I'm stressed.

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