chapter 4

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"Tea?" The Bird asked as I nestled myself into the big armchair that she had in her study. I silently shook my head.

"I assume that you heard Mister O'Connor's little...outburst."

I nodded.

"I should've stayed in London," I whispered, looking down.

"Nidria," The Bird sighed. I looked up and saw nothing but sorrow in her eyes, "I am truly sorry I ever sent you there in the first place. No one expected something like that to happen and I am terribly sorry you had to experience that."

"No, it's fine. I liked it there. Everyone was nice. There were a few problems, but it was nice," I looked down once again.

"How was it?" She asked. I knew she wasn't referring to the place anymore.

"Terrible." I could feel the tears burning.

"And what about-"

"Lost. Miss, she's lost. I lost her in the hurry to get back here. Its all my fault. I was a coward," I was faintly aware that I had raised my voice and that tears were running down my cheeks. The Bird came closer and gathered me in her arms.

"What you did was incredibly brave. And we're just glad that you are safe and sound. Of course it wasn't your fault, no one could have predicted what happened. I should not have sent you there in the first place."

I sniffled and carefully pulled away, "We can't blame anyone Miss P. You're right. No one could have expected these events."

She smiled slightly, "Come Miss Luna. Let's go get ready for dinner. I'm sure everyone is dying to see you."

I got up slowly and began to walk out.

"Oh and Miss Luna, I must warn you. The only people who know about these events are Olive and Emma."

I nodded- again- before stepping out. As I walked up to my room, I swear I heard footsteps and a door slamming shut. More specifically, the door next to mine.


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