Chapter 12

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Time passes. Gandalf sits by the doors, deep in thought. The rest of the Fellowship is seated on the rocky ground, around the doors near the lake.

Gandalf: "Ando Eldarinwa (Gate of Elves)... a lasta quettanya (listen to my word), Fenda Casarinwa (Threshold of Dwarves)..."

Aragorn & Sam are unhitching the bridle of their pony, Bill. Sam is sad, having become fond of the animal.

Aragorn: "The Mines are no place for a pony, even one so brave as Bill."

Sam [upset]: "Buh-bye Bill."

Aragorn: "Go on, Bill, go on. Don't worry Sam, he knows the way home."

Bill clip-clops down the shore through the night. By the lake, Merry begins to throw stones into the water. Pippin follows suit, but Aragorn stops him.

Aragorn: "Do not disturb the water."

Miyuki, at Raiden's encouragement, had lain down, her head in her dragon's lap, & tried to get some sleep. She wakes with a start, fear flashing across her face for an instant. Raiden touches her hand & they look at each other, some wordless understanding passing between them.

Gandalf: "Oh, it's useless!"

Dropping his staff in frustration, the wizard sits down beside Frodo, pulling off his hat. Aragorn & Boromir watch as a ripple runs through the water. Frodo stands up & looks at the writing on the gateway.

Frodo: "It's a riddle."

The water continues to ripple. The rest of the Fellowship watches. Raiden snarls softly, his instincts telling him that danger was near.

Frodo: "Speak friend & enter. What's the Elvish word for friend?"

The water shivers again.

Gandalf: "Mellon..."

The stone doors slowly swing open with a deep rumble, revealing a tunnel before them, stretching forward into darkness.


The Fellowship enters Moria, Gandalf placing a crystal into the top of his staff. Aragorn is the last to enter, casting a last glance at the water. They find themselves standing in a shadowy chamber, dimly lit by moonlight.

Gimli: "Soon, Master Elf, you will enjoy the fabled hospitality of the Dwarves! Roaring fires, malt beer, ripe meat off the bone. This, my friend, is the home of my cousin, Balin."

As Gandalf brings his hand around his staff, blowing on it. Raiden growls quietly, moving closer to Miyuki. Something was wrong with this place. He had the urge to take his mistress & get as far away from here as possible. However, he resisted as he knew Miyuki would never allow herself to break a promise. The staff glows.

Gimli: "And they call it a mine. A mine!"

Boromir [shock]: "This is no mine, it's a tomb!"

Light reveals rotted, broken & battered forms strewn about, casting long shadows across the room. Miyuki covers her mouth at the sight, looking like she was going to be sick. Raiden takes Miyuki's shoulders, turning her, hiding her face from the horrifying scene.

Gimli: "Oh! No! Noooo!"

Legolas pulls out an arrow from the body of a fallen dwarf, examines it & casts it away.

Legolas [disgust]: "Goblins!"

Aragorn & Boromir draw out their swords. Legolas fits an arrow to his bow.

Boromir: "We make for the Gap of Rohan. We should never have come here."

The four hobbits back toward the entrance.

Boromir: "Now get out of here, get out!"

The company starts for the door. As Miyuki starts to follow, Raiden stands in her path, distressed & refusing to let her go. Understanding dawns on her.

Miyuki: "No! Stop!"

Frodo is suddenly grabbed from behind & pulled off his feet by a long, snaking tentacle. 

Sam, Merry & Pippin: "Frodo!"

Frodo: "Help!"

Sam [hacks at tentacle]: "Get off him! Strider!"

Merry: "Aragorn!"

The hobbits clutch at Frodo, attempting to keep him away from the water as more tentacles wrap around him. The tentacles suddenly withdraw before many more shoot out of the water, slapping them aside & grabbing Frodo by the leg. He is pulled out over into the air.

Merry: "Frodo!"

Legolas runs out onto the shore & shoots. His arrow pierces a tentacle wrapping itself over Frodo's face.

Frodo: "Strider!"

Aragorn: "Yaghh!"

Boromir & Aragorn rush to the water & attack the beast. It flings Frodo wildly in the air. Despite their efforts, the hobbit is lowered towards a gapping maw in the water, ringed by fangs, set in a gilled face. Finally, Aragorn slices through the tentacle holding Frodo, who falls into Boromir's arms.

Aragorn: "Into the cave!"

Legolas shoots. His arrow hits the beast's right eye & it recoils with a roar.

Aragorn: "Run!"

The Fellowship race into Moria. In one last angry attempt, the sea creature reaches out & tears the gates shut. Slabs of rocks drop & the roof of the passageway caves in. The Fellowship stares back as the last rays of moonlight disappear.

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