chapter 3

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Millard wanted to stay and catch up with me, but we were interrupted by a knock. I walked over to the door praying to all possible gods that it wasn't Enoch trying to confront me. I swung open the door and there, in all her (adorable) glory, stood none other than Olive.

"Well hey there," I said leaning against the doorframe, a smile playing upon my lips, "how's my favorite little redhead?"

I watched her eyes widen as she took me in. I can't blame her. I had changed quite a bit over the last three years. My height, hair, clothes. I squealed as she launched herself onto me and squeezed my eyes shut. Olive and I had always had a close friendship, ever since she first protected me from Enoch outside of his room. I remember it clearly because it was the day after Miss Peregrine took me in. I had been trying to make friends with all the kids and Enoch was proving to be a challenge. My little-kid mind couldn't understand how anyone so attractive could be such a nasty, rude person.

"What brings you to my humble abode Olive?" I asked breathlessly. She stepped away before she replied, still gawking at me.

"Well, I was downstairs preparing the tea, like I usually do, when someone came in. Holding broken glass. Muttering on and on about how the room to the right of his was supposed to be uninhabited. So I turned around and asked them what in the world they were muttering about when all of a sudden, he straightens and marches up to me claiming how somebody was trying to play a prank on him because as far as he knew, Nini Luna was supposed to be far, far away. And an annoying 13 year old. At these words I basically flew up here to see if you had finally arrived."

I chuckle at the part about my age. Of course, Enoch never found out about my peculiarities.

"Yea well he's wrong. I had to come back. If not I'd still be away on business and as far from his stupid arse-"

"Speaking of which," Olive interrupts, "The reason I came, apart from seeing if you had arrived, was because Miss Peregrine had asked me to tell you to meet her after you got settled in."

"What business does The Bird want with you Nidria?" I spun around. Millard. He hadn't left and he wasn't supposed to know about anything.

"She probably wants to know how my mom is Millard," I replied coolly, "they haven't seen each other since the first time I met The Bird." I began walking out as I said this. I stopped in the hallway and turned.

"Nothing to get worried over," I smiled. I turned on my heel once more and began walking downstairs to The Bird's study. I turned the corner to see the door slightly ajar. I pushed the door slightly and prepared to step in when I heard a (sadly) familiar Scottish accent.

"Why? Why did she have to come back now? We were perfectly happy with her gone, I mean, she's just a waste of space. Having her here with us won't do us any good," Ah yes. That was Enoch.

"Mister O'Connor!" That was The Bird, "I am completely appalled at your words. Now I do not know what Ms. Luna has ever done to you, but I happen to know that the rest of the children do not happen to have a single problem with her. Now, she is most likely exhausted and will be for a while so I must tell you, please do not bother or disturb her in any way. Now please, go to your room and prepare for dinner because I have some important matters to discuss with someone."

I stepped back and flattened myself against the wall. Only when the door creaked did I step forwards, and was instantly met with Enoch's glare.

"Ah, Miss Luna. Please, come in," came the lovely voice of the headmistress. I stood still, Enoch still blocking my way. He snorted and pushed past me, going upstairs to (presumably) lock himself in his room.

"Ow," I whimpered. That bump hurt a lot more than I thought it would.


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