Chapter one: The Beginning

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"Why....why do they all need to die?" I said as I looked over and felt the presence of someone watching me and reading my words. "Howdy, I used to be somebody else, but that is the past." My smile went away, well my forced smile did, and I let out a sigh. " I'm Flowey. I bet your waiting for a dramatic backstory about me huh? Well," then I paused and gave out a scary face, "TOO BAD!"

Then came a noise, a noise so familair to me and possibly to you, since your the player and all that.
"Alright, let's get this over with. Let's see if they fight or mercy up to the point of the fish lady, or are a relentless killer and die from the smiling trash bag"

I then put on my best smile as the human stumbles into the room. I felt my souless heart stop, there standing in front of me, no it couldn't be. The human held a stick in their hand, had the tattered backpack on their back, and looked at me with a saddened expression. I had to say something, but all that I could do was follow the code encryption from the game. Although as I tried to talk with my shocked heart, I sorta broke the encryption.

"Howdy! I'm Flowey the Flower. You must be new here, and you must be confused." The look on their face was in confusement, and curiosity for the fact that I was a talking flower.

They weren't big on words, the human just stared at me with a smile. I smiled back and flustered out,"Some one gotta show you how things work around here. Guess I can show you. Ready here we go!"

As I tried to act like the game but this human was different. This human brought back my memories.
No, not time for a sad story now, it's time for death. I in closed them in a black ball, the way I always do, and bring out their soul. It was red, just matter. Red means Determination, and it was more powerful than me. The human stared at their soul as I said, "You see that heart? That is your SOUL  the very cumulation of your being. It's kinda weak now but it can grow strong with a lot of LV."

The human looked around and saw they only had 20 health. Pretty normal for the start out. "What does LV stand for? Why love of course!" I started to to cringe at what I had to say next. I have always hated this part because I am supposed to be souless but I guess I just need to suck it up. "You want some love don't ya? Well I can share some with you with little white 'friendliness pellets' so catch as many as you can," then I made some appear and go towards the human. They grabbed them and fell to the ground.

As soon as they did, I laughed and said, "You Idiot! In this world its KILL OR BE KILLEDWhy would anyone pass up an oupitunity like this?," then I made a bunch or pellets form around them and let our my creepy face. As I did they called for help, reminding me of myself but nobody came. I screamed out, "DIE!!!" and laughed with my creepy laugh as they in closed around them.

Next thing I know, the pellets disappeared. I turned around and saw the goat lady, "Oh great, she's here as normal," I thought to myself as she made a fire ball come near me. As it hit I screamed and went flying out of their view. The goat lady, Toriel as she is known, talked to the human and got them to follow.

As I layed there, I thought about telling you my story. I don't really want to, but I guess I could tell you why I was shocked to see the human.

It started quite a long time ago...


Howdy everyone. Thanks for reading my book...or at least the first chapter. Now I know my other books are unfinished and kinda short but I promise everyone that I will make this to the end. And I'm not doing geno OK.....I don't like geno but it you all want geno then I will make a separate book for it. Oh....I'm rambling again....sorry....bye.

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