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1900 (New Orleans)

New Orleans, you really are a nice place to live. The only thing I would change is if Kol Mikaelson would just fade from existence. He has been a pain in the ass since the day I met him. Now, this past month, every encounter I have with him, he would just give me that stupid smirk of his. I hate that guy.

I was walking down the street when I felt a presence behind me. I groaned in annoyance, "What? Are you following me now?"

Kol ran in front of me, "More like admiring from a distance." Here he goes...that stupid smirk again.

"More like stalking. Why don't you just leave me alone? Better idea, why don't you just go jump off a cliff."

"There you go again. That tongue of yours might get you in trouble. You need to have fun and live a little."

"Bite me." I sneered.

His smirk got wider, "Just tell me where, darling." I scoffed before moving around him, making sure I bumped my shoulder into his. I made it around the corner before he grabbed me and slammed me against the wall. "This is becoming our little routine. You feel disgusted by me, I enjoy seeing you in pain. What fun."

"Yeah, being followed by the most barbaric guy in the world really makes my day." I choked out sarcastically.

"This could end one of two ways, sweetheart." Kol glared as he got close to my face.

"You're not going to kill me. I know that for a fact. You had a lot of chances to, but didn't. I can't kill you, that much you made certain."

He chuckled, "You're right, I can't." He placed his head next to my ear and whispered, "I won't kill you, but I will make your stay here a living hell. I give you my word on that."



"Bela." I heard someone shake me. "Come on, Bela, get up."

I groaned as I placed my hand on my head, "Why does it feel like my neck's been snapped five times? Where are we?"

Elena shook her head, "I don't know. They kept snapping your neck on the way over to make sure you wouldn't try anything."

"And what gave them that idea?" I asked sarcastically.

I heard a chuckle coming from the stairs, "They were right about you. You are a feisty one."

I looked to see a guy with shoulder length hair coming down the stairs, "And who the fuck are you?"

He chuckled again, "All bark and no bite."

I got up and pushed Elena behind me, "You wanna try me?"


I glared at him. If Elena wasn't holding me back I would have suckered punch him.

"Not even in your nightmares." I sneered.

"Where are we?" Elena asked before a fight could break.

He ignored her question, "You are so mouth watering. Let me get one taste."

I blocked Elena from his view, "Over my dead body."

The guy bared his fangs, "I can arrange that."

"Trevor!" A voice snapped behind us. We all turned our heads to see lady with a pixie haircut coming down the stairs. "Control yourself."

"Buzz kill." Trevor said while his fangs retracted.

"What do you want with us?" Elena asked when she went around me.

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