Chapter 11

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*By popular(annoying) demand(Hannah)*

I slowly opened my eyes. Groaning in the process, everything hurt!! Good god!

Adjusting to my surroundings I was vaguely aware that......I felt around....nope, no clothes.

I looked around, no Destery.

I instantly panicked. Did he leave? Why?

I'm over thinking things. He lives here. I lay back down. Absorbing the sunlight. Testing out my sore muscles. I sit up. Clutching the sheets to my body, I stand slowly. And try to make it to my bedroom for some clothes and a shower!


The hot water really helped my sore muscles. And have me some time to think about the events of last night.

I had given my everything to Destery. And I felt ecstatic. But waking up alone didn't help settle my nerves. I should call Hannah later. Tell her to come over. I need someone to talk to.

I step out of the shower and get dressed. Nothing tight. Sweatpants and my Otaku love hoodie.

As soon as I stepped back into my room I shot Hannah a text telling her to come over. Right away.

I lay on my bed and plug my phone up to my speaker. Playing some music. Hoping to clam my nerves even a little.


"He's still not back?" Hannah asked for the 10th time!

"Obviously not! Not a word from him either. And Nathan still isn't back from Blake's. and I can't get ahold of either of them." I explained.

"Nathan wasn't over at Blake's." she blurted.

"How would you know?" I asked.

She blushed.

"I've been at Blake's, for....a few days." she mumbled.

I gasped!

"Why haven't you told me!?" I questioned.

"You had all this stuff going on. And anyway I don't even know if it's serious yet." She stated plainly.

"It's still a big deal!" I said.

"Enough with me! We need to figure out this Destery situation." she said.

I nodded. But I was to terrified to face the reality that, even though I didn't regret what happened. Maybe he did.

Did I do it wrong? Did he finally come to his senses and realize he could do better?

I felt my face heat up. And tears, moments away from falling.

Hannah rushed to my side. Hugging me tightly.

"Kat, I swear it'll be ok! Ill make it ok!" She informed me. I know she was trying, but the tears wouldn't stop coming. I couldn't catch my breathe. the room was spinning.

Oh god. A panic attack.

I haven't had one of these since P.E when I had to run infront of everyone.

Hannah, noticing my uneven breathes, gripped me tighter. Smoothing my hair. Whispering in my ear.

"Hey kitty Kat what's- Oh my god! Whats happening!?" a now very worried Nathan strolled into my room. He was instantly by my side.

"Panic attack, she almost never has them." Hannah informed him.

"What brought it on?" he asked, grabbing my hand an squeezing.

His presence calmed me down.

"Destery hasn't been home all day." she stated.

"Why does that matter?" he asked looking in my eyes.

"Her and Destery kind of....." She trailed off, hoping Nathan would get the hint.

His lips formed an 'O' he gripped my hand tighter trying to soothe me.

After what seemed like forever I finally calmed down.

"Better?" Nathan asked.

I nodded. And thanked them both.


Hannah left shortly after. I told her that I needed time alone.

An I did.

Nathan stayed by my side all day. Trying to cheer me up we played some video games and watched some movies.

Nathan tried calling Destery, getting voicemail.

All I could think of was, I got screwed over....


* Hope you enjoyed this rushed chapter! If not, blame Hannah.*

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