Since I left you guys with so many unanswered questions. I'll pretty much try to answer them all in this itty bitty epilogue. This is mainly for you Novi Novak Fans ;) Hope You Guys Like It.!



10 Years Later.  

Nicole's P.O.V

" Mommy who is coming?" My six year old son asked.

I answered him for the millionth time, " Your uncle sweety. He's in town."

" I can see he got the dozing off gene from you." Smirked my husband James.

Slapping his arm, I warned, " Hey dont blame me for having a creative mind."

" Oh ya thats what we'll call it." He said jokingly before kissing my cheek and pulling Robert into his arms.

He squirmmed in his fathers grasp but was laughing, " And I thought one James was enough." Said Emily as she walked into the kitchen.

Who was now nine months pregnant with her soon to be beautiful baby girl, " Look at my little angel. She's about ready to pop." I rubbed her belly.

" I cannot wait! Her mood swings have been driving me crazy." Corbin followed his wife, of course carrying all of her bags.

She laughed, " Yeah I know. Let me take advantage."

" Trust me man Nicole was crazy when she was pregnant so I feel your pain." James patted Corbin on the back.

Emily and I shook our heads at the stupidity of our husbands, " I swear they're such drama queens." 

" I totally agree." She sat herself down and rubbed her belly.

Corbin pulled out a bottle of water, and handed it towards her, " You were going to ask me. I can see it in your eyes."

" You did this to me. So now its payback time. " She smirked at him.

I high-fived her, " Preach it girlfriend."

As James and Corbin sat down discussing the superbowl, and Robert kept playing with his drums. I sat with Emily having our weekly gossip. We were just discussing our neighbor's new scandal when I heard the doorbell ring. Robbie was the first to bolt towards the door, I followed him and saw the door opened to a smiling Novi.

" Hey big boy." He pulled Robbie into his arms.

I smiled at the two, " Hey uncle Novi."  Robbie hugged Novi back.

" Hey stranger." I gave him a side hug.

Kissing my temple he laughed, " Oh shutup I've only been gone for what six months."

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