Ravenclaw Festival

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Your POV:
Hi, my name is y/n I am currently 15 years old, I am the princess of Ravenclaw. I am the most powerful out of the family, my birthday is in (your birthday). Me, my mother, my father, my siblings:Larry and Lenna, and my twin brother Lance, and later we will go on the festival for the awakening of our kingdom. And tomorrow, will be the last day before christmas comes. Now enough about me and let us go to the present.

~Present time~
"Lady Y/n. It's time to wake up!" My personal maid, Cassey, wakes me up.

Cassey's POV:
I knock three times at Lady y/n's door. "Lady y/n. It's time to wake up!" I shout so she could hear me at the other side of the door. I hear no response and go inside her room and see her in her pajamas and tickle her. She shoots her eyes open and start to laugh uncontrollably. I stop and see her get up from her bed and go in front of me and do the same as I did to her. But I was never ticklish, she pouted and said to me "Cassey." She eyes me sternly. "I thought I told you not to call me with royalty." She said to me slowly, I sometimes fear her. But not too much, just a bit. And right now, that's what I'm feeling towards her. Her eyes soften and look down.    "I'm...Sorry for scaring you Cassey. I just...Want you, the knights, the other maids and the village to call me just by my name, even my family will approve of this. But if you really want to call me Lady" she stops for a moment "Then I-" I cut her off and say "No" I say bluntly but rather softly "Wh-what?" Her eyes widen a little bit and I continue "No. I should be the one granting YOUR wish, command, and requests. Not the other way around." She looks at me and smiles softly and kindly " Well aren't you a loyal comrade." She says putting her weight on one of her legs and bend the other one high and cross her arms while lifting one of her eyebrows. "I try my best" I say smirking and copying her actions.

Lance's POV:
I hear giggling and laughing of two females in y/n's room. Since the door was opened I just peeked in. I saw Cassey and my Sister talking to eachother. "Are you ladies ready?" I say startling them. "Foooorrr?" Y/n says lifting her eyebrow, confused "Whoops! I seemed to have forgotten to tell y/n" Cassey says rubbing the back of her neck while smiling akwardly "It's okay Cassey. And we better get ready. Remember, we're helping with the decorations for the festival." I smile warmly showing my white teeth. I swear I saw Cassey blush. Meh must be my imagination. "Guys can you leave me alone and I'll be getting ready." She says ushering Cassey towards me and close the door shut.

~time skip to festival~
Your POV:
People are talking, dancing and having fun in the festival. My brother and sister are dancing, while Lance is talking to Cassey. And I secretly ship them. Ahem. Now where is my father? Ah, there he is! He's eating...THE FOOD!!! "Dad! What the bloody hell are you doing with the food?! They're for the villagers." He turns around and I see him with his mouth full, and just on que, the rest of my family came and we all teased my father. Then suddenly he finishes his food  and pulls his sword out and pointed it at my face.

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