Meeting May. Part 44

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20th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Seventeen hours after taking off from Portland in Oregon, we were about to land in Sydney.

It has been a long trip. The longest we have ever taken. Bella had kept her eyes glued to the window beside her looking like a kid in a candy store. She was that excited about this trip.

Every now and again, we would all get up and move about a bit which was easy for us since we were all flying first class which made it easier to help Jen look after the kids. Which we all pitched in and helped her and Jack with.

Since we caught a flight last night, we would be landing at about two o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow.. I mean that Australia is ahead of us in the time zone and even though it would be two o'clock in the afternoon here now in Australia. It would be ten pm the night before back home.

It was no wonder we were all jet lagged, as they call it.

Not the Kingsley's though. They obviously knew how to nap before hand and get into the right time zone anywhere. I smile when I look at them. They certainly do not act like one of the most powerful legal teams in the US when they are helping with vomiting babies or chasing little Andy about the plane's cabin.

I'm so glad they decided to come along. So is Reid.

" Could all passengers please sit their seats up in the upright positions with their trays folded up and with their seat belts on. We will be landing in Sydney shortly." The voice suddenly called out over the speaker system.

Then it wasn't long before a hostess arrived to help any of us who needed assistance. The flight crew were absolutely wonderful the whole trip.

Forty minutes later we were coming into the taxi area the planes 'drive' to where they can attach their planes to the flight corridors disembark and embarking terminal.

" If all passengers could please wait until all babies or parents with young children can disembark first, the crew would be very appreciative." The voice announced over the loud speaker again.

I guess that is our queue to start getting ourselves out through the door which one of the cabin's crew had opened for us who were with little ones as well as those in the upper class of the plane.

I don't like it that everyone else in second class had to wait, but that was just the way it was done.

Needless to say, we were off the plane in less than ten minutes once the doors were opened and making our way down in to the inspection stations at the customs checkpoints.

Reid had organised a fifteen seater mini bus to transport all of us in one vehicle. But that bus was delivered up to the Armidale airport for us to collect once we get there.

At the moment, we were being checked through the international airport and needed to get over to the domestic side of the airport for our connecting flight to Armidale in a little over an hour. So, with everyone's help.. all of the luggage was piled onto a trolley and was handled by Brian and Jack with a few pieces that would be needed by Jen for the babies kept out.

Then we all made our way to the other part of the airport. We weren't going to make a dash for it as we can see some doing. We just spent seventeen hours on a plane and we knew that we needed a short break between flights.

But it didn't take long for us to get checked in and through to the area where we looked for the gate that would be taking us further up into the Australian countryside. From the little that we have seen so far, which hasn't been very much. We can tell that Australia looks like a pretty place to visit.

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