'Fan Back'

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OK so here's rant #2. Guarantee I'll piss off more than a few people with this so I'll apologise right now, even though I'm certain you don't deserve it!

So what the fuck? 

As all my fans know, I ensure that I thank each and every one of them for taking the time out of their busy, hectic lives, to become such a thing. However I recently recieved a reply to such a message, requesting that I 'fan back'.

What the fuck?

It seems that Wattpad is more a popularity contest than a site for people such as myself and many other talented people to display their creativity.

That's the first time I've recieved a 'fan back' request and I have to say, it made me laugh. Clearly some people are more interested in having hundreds nay, thousands of fans who don't give a shit about anything other than having fans. Is it a mark of status to have all those fans who never even bother to read your work? I don't know about you but I'd rather have ten fans who care about what I do, who take the time to read my shit, who critique, who help me become a better writer.

As I write this I have 409 fans, and I'm damn sure there can't be more than 10% of them who know anything about me. Clearly this rant is not directed at that 10% - and I'm certain that those of you who know me will be totally with me on this. I have to be honest I hadn't even noticed I'd passed that landmark 400... but there you go!

I know full well that Wattpad is overun by hormonal teenagers, nearly all of whom want to read crap generic shit. Well, feel free, I'm not going to stop you... after all it is your time to waste.

So what I'm trying to say really is, if you're on this site to enjoy the work of others and to share your own, then you're aces by me. If you're here for any other reason and more importantly, if you're going to request people 'fan back'... then I suggest you make like a tree...