Chapter 1: Meet Justeen

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What do you do when your brother is popular? Seriously! In science, when we were picking partners, a bunch of girls cornered me begging to be in my group. I ended up with a group of catty cheerleaders, UGH! These girls spend more time trying to find a cure for chipped nail polish (even though their lucky they passed 1st grade) than paying attention. "So, what's Brendon been up to? Has he been talking much about me lately?" Kristy Cep, head cheerleader grilled me, before I could reply, one of her idiot followers butted in, "Oh I'm sure he's been asking about me! He even asked me to go with him to the movies! And next week, we're going to his lake house in Chelan!" "No way! He invited me to! In fact, he said theirs going to be a huge party there! The whole grade is invited!" "I heard that he has a private party for his friends! No one know..." I just drowned out their endless twittering, and started to sketch the Krebs Cycle. Like we were supposed to be doing, as a group! I swear, every single girl here has the Brendon syndrome! "Um, earth to Julia?" One of the cheerleaders yelled in my ear, "It's Justeen." 'Whatever. So, do you think you could give me your brother's number? "Um.." Before I could answer, the school bell rang. 'Thank God!' I thought as I sped away from science. Before I could even get out of the classroom, girls started to swarm me... AGAIN! 

Every where, girl's were shouting trying to get my attention.

"Justeen! Can I have an invite to your brother's party?"

"Do you think Brendon likes me?"

"Hey Justeen! Want to have lunch with me?"

"Can you give me Brendon's number?"

Suddenly, somebody grabbed my arm,

"COME WITH ME IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!" She yelled over the noise. I had no choice but to flee with her, that is, unless I wanted to drown in a sea of desperate girls.. God, how does my brother handle this everyday?

After spending about 10 minutes of me free period running, the girl pulled me behind the bleachers and put her finger to her lips. We waited for five minutes just to be safe.

"Okay, spill it! What do you want from Brendon!"

"Who's that?"

Then I realized that this girl must be a new student or something, because everybody, and I mean EVERYBODY here knows who Brendon is.

"Are you new here?"

"That obvious huh?"

"Yeah. I'm Justeen. My twin brother is like royalty here. Everybody wants a piece of him.."

"I know how you feel, before I transferred here, I went to an arts school in Florida. My cousin was like the, um, whatever your brother's name is again of that school, girls would be begging for my friendship left and right, and demanding t9 be friends just to get close to him,"

"Wow! That's just like the story of my life! I did have a friend last month though, but I caught her with Brendon. After that, I broke his car window and he had to pay for it, mostly because I ran off before he could see me.."

"Really?" She said, "That's awesome! I wish I had the courage to do that."

It turns out the girl's name is Lena, but everybody in her family calls her Lee for short. I'm just hoping that Lee will be the first girl to withstand Brendon's charms

Later That Day...

"See you tomorrow Lee!" I spoke into my cellphone.

"Well, well, well, looks like Jeeny has a new friend!" Brendon teased

I glared at him, "Just stay away from her, okay? You can't go running around stealing my friends, and then tossing them away like used tissues"

"But I heard she's really cute! From Fl9rida, right? She'll make an interesting addition to my pa.."


"Alright, I'll go! Geez, what is with you girls?"

"You're what's wrong!" I screamed.

Great, another great ending to another great day! >:(

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