The 1st Moment i wanted to last

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Hi ako nga pala si drey I'm 16 and I'm going to tell you about the girl that made a new chapter of my life.
It was the 1st day of school of my 7th grade, I'm a K12 student at Our lady of Lourdes High school, I'm so cool in school that I never wanted a girlfriend
Because I thought that day, that girlfriends are for losers who can't stand up for themselves, that's why they need a partner in their lives.The story begins
At this moment, I was having fun with my classmates and then the teacher came in, the moment of silence.
The class has started we introduce our
Selves as the usual thing we do when it's the 1st day of class, and so on.
Its time for recess and I saw this girl
This girl was my classmate last year,
I can't imagine how things change
She's so pretty beautiful but why?
Last year she was just a normal girl
I can't even see her face every day at class I mean I can't even recognize her
But now I think I'm starting to like her.
And so the 1st moment begin.

Drey:hey your justine right?
Justine:drey? Ikaw ba yan
Drey:Syempre naman, my iba paba?
Justine:hahaha you grew up so tall
You were like so small last year
Haha I never expected you to be
Like this.
Drey:hahaha thanks
You look so pretty.
Justine:as usual 😉
Drey:Are you kidding me?
Justine:Tara kain tayo.

That's the time when we get to know each other better and as the year pass I'm starting to love her I don't know why but it just happened, the thing they called TADHANA.

It was summer  when I started to
Take things seriously, she's always there for me, it was like every day of my life we always hang out together, I'm still asking my self why I can't confess my feelings for her.

The opening of classes begins
It was my Grade 8 in OLLHS
And this year we were classmates.

Drey:justine magkaklase pala Tayo?

As the moment goes on
We were seated to each other
And we got to talk a lot
Share a lot of stuff about our friends
our family, she even told me that
She has a crush on someone at our classroom, I can't believe she told
Me that thing back then, it was
Like, I'm not the only one liking her,

Drey:meron kang crush dito sa classroom
Pwede mo bang sabihin saakin Kung sino yun?
Justine:well his tall and handsome,
But I don't think he likes me
Drey:I think he likes you at all
(Drey is assuming to self)

When she said the word maybe I was so happy that day, because I'm not the only one having a crush on her
She has a crush on me to, that makes
Both of us. But I was just expecting that was me, that time I was really hurt so bad, but I hid it under me not
Letting her know the pain I'm in to.

Justine:drey can you go with me
Justine:to see my crush 😉
Justine:wag nlng pala, ako nlng 😅

Well I always go with her whenever she needs me, it's ok because we get to hang out with each other even though
She doesn't have a crush on me, as well as we Always stick together it was fine by me.But then The moment came
That she told me not to go with her anymore, I don't know why but.

Justine:drey? Pwede ba ako Lng mag isa mamaya ang uuwi?
Drey:Bakit nman?
Justine:basta, wag ka nang sumama mamaya, Cge na pls?...
Drey:Cge, 😅

She said she'll go home all by herself
But she didn't I saw someone with
Her, it hurts so bad that the girl who you put your trust on, lied to you.
And when the next day came..

Justine:drey samahan mo ako uuwi mamaya ha?..
Drey:diba meron kanang iba?
Justine:anong iba? Naging Tayo ba?
Hahaha, Dreyk I don't have
Anyone but you, Cge na samahan mo ako, diba mag bestfriend tayo?
Drey:Cge na nga.

It was so hard to believe that I kept on chasing her even though I already know that she has someone instead of me.That night we chatted on FB

Drey:just may sasabihin ako sayo.

Gustong gusto ko na talagang sabihin
Pero. That thing we call TORPE

Drey:kumain kana ba?
Justine:kakain pa Lang, bakit?
Drey:wala gusto ko Lng malaman.😅
Justine:cge, kakain muna ako.

The next day was the day I never wanted to happen, but it did.

Justine:drey, samahan mo ako mamaya mag uwi ha, Tapos ikaw mag dala nang mnga gamit ko.
Drey:cge 😅

I was to blinded by my love for her
I can do anything for her.But it came to the point.

Justin:drey ito pala c JT, Jt
Sia si drey.
JT:drey sama ka saamin mamaya
Mag uwi ha, mas Marami mas masaya
Dalawa Lng kasi kaming magkasama
Pag uwian.
Drey:cge😅 dalawa Lng pala kayo?

I still put that big smile at my face even though my inside is all shattered up.
We walked together with the boy named JT they were having so much fun together, they talk a lot and I was like her carry boy, carrying all her things for her, I can't do anything about it but I don't know why.
I mean we were never together,
Katulad ng sinabi niya kanina na,
Walang kami, bakit ba ako nan dito
Bakit ba ang tanga ko.
The day past.

Drey:justine my gusto akong sabihin sayo.
Drey:na mahal kita noon pa, Hindi ko Lng masabi sayo kasi may gusto kang iba.

The teacher came in the class room
Class has started.

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