Kidnapped- 30-Runaways

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Mom, I'm stuck in this horrible situation. I'm homeless again. Do I have to go back to..a tent?! At least I'm not alone again. I've already let you down and I can't do it any longer. Mom..I know you're looking down on me can me?

Tohru suddenly heard a creaking sound from outside. Her heart rate increased rapidly and panicked.

"W-Who's there?"

There was no response.

Calm down Tohru, calm down

She calmed herself down and scooted closer to Yuki. He slept soundly.



Tohru watched Yuki wake up and greeted him with a warm smile. Yuki returned the smile shyly and stood up. He stretched,

"Sleeping in a small shack like this is not comfortable at all."

Tohru nodded and followed Yuki outside.

"Today we find shelter right?"

Tohru said with a voice full of hope.

"Yes, let's get moving."

They spent hours searching through villages and towns.
By lunchtime Yuki and Tohru sat on a bench.

"So far we've had no luck."

Yuki spoke anxiously, he didn't want to be stuck in a freezing shed for another night.
Tohru pulled out her small wallet,

"Hungry? I'll buy lunch."

Yuki shook his head lowering her wallet back into her pocket.

"I'll only eat if you let me pay."

Yuki said in a shy tone.

Tohru giggled,

"Thank You."

They started walking to a little shop for food. Tohru paused while walking. Yuki looked back confused,

"What happened?"

Tohru smiled evilly,

"Can I try something?"

Yuki was still confused wondering why she would try.

"Okay what are you trying?"

Tohru took Yuki's hand and pulled him into a deserted area.

"Tohru, you're starting to scare me."

Yuki's eyes had widened from the second Tohru grabbed his hand.
Without Yuki suspecting it Tohru slammed her body into his and wrapped her arms around him. Yuki flew back, but felt like crying when he realized what happened.
Tohru pulled away and smiled,

"Exactly. We never tried that I've only hugged Kyo."

"Well he's a vampire too.."

"But I turned into a bat although it's not apart of the zodiac it still counts right?"

"No I don't think so Tohru."

Tohru balanced her weight on her feet and moved side to side full of embarrassment.
Tohru pulled her hair to the side and braided it while thinking, before she could speak Yuki blurted out,

"If Kyo doesn't need his bracelet and we're able to hug...what's going on?"

Tohru paused,

"I don't know Yuki."


Yuki and Tohru walked out of the shop full.

"Thank you Yuki."

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