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December 19, 2012

"Honey! Can you please come down for a moment?"

A shrill cry brought 12 year old Nidria Luna out of her homework-induced daze. Setting down her shiny black pen and gathering her slippers,  she merrily skipped into the dining room, evidently feeling the Christmas cheer that enveloped the Luna household. Reaching the doorway, the young girl paused, seeing an unfamiliar silhouette seated at the head of the table, at what used to be her father's usual place.

"Ah, look how much you've grown," said the odd lady, "the last time I saw you, you were but a tiny tot."

"Please Nini, take a seat," her mother softly said.

The young girl, confused (and frankly, a bit weirded out) took her usual seat, to the right of the odd lady and made eye contact with her mother, the questions and confusion clear in her eyes. Her curiosity overwhelmed her, evident as she turned to face the odd lady.

"Who are you?" The small girl asked.

"Why child, I am Miss Peregrine. And I am here to take you someplace safe."


word count: 182

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