Moonlit Cemetery

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Consumed by the fruits of desolation, I pray for the swiftest of deaths,

the cold grasp of nightfall has halted my vanishing breath.

My compassion has been put through the cruelest of tests,

the aches of heartbreak cry within my chest.

Abandoned by all and left to be forgotten,

my heart and soul doomed to become rotten.

Such a cruel destiny that awaits us all,

if only I had what it took to bear the sight of what I saw.

Freezing rain soaked the haunted cemetery,

where the sorrow of the living was dead and buried.

Ethereal mist cascaded over the crumbling gravestones,

into the webs of darkness we were thrown.

In the sweet embrace of death we were free from mortal strife,

moonlight brings the phantoms to life.

Clad in the shroud of death's sweet embrace,

the tranquility of nothingness my one true grace.

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