your son and daughter ( incest warning)

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A female and male with ruby red eyes and snow white hair runs into your room excited about something. They squeals a little and jump right on you making you a littlr confused about why they jumpbed on you. " morning mommy/Daddy it's time to wake up." They said jumping on the bed


A female with snow white hair that goes all the way to her back but is always in a ponytail with a bang that covers her left eye her right eye was uncovered. Her eyes was the color of a bloody red and they sparkle like a ruby. She was wearing a black kimono with a red rain cloud design on it, " daddy/mommy it's me lucy Yukihira your baby girl." She said giggling as she smiles

Real age

Lucy pouts out at you and crosses her arms trying to seem like she is a little angry.  " Daddy/mommy I am 16 years old duh." She said with a smile ( 2,000 years old)

Age you act like

Lucy pouts at the insult and huffs at you. " I could say about four or five years old!" She said with a adorable smile on her face


Lucy grabs your left hand and puts your hand on her boobs giggling not finding it wrong to do that. " Female Daddy/Mommy" she said smiling and removes your hand from her boob


Lucy pouts at as she looks at you and puts her hand onto your chest slapping it a little. " Daddy/mommy I am 5'0" she said with pride






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