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Judai had taken a liking to call Ruri "Allura" sometimes, saying it suits her. She liked it as well, so she didn't mind. One day she was walking with Yuto to his house. Once they were there, Ruri found Judai tied to a chair in the kitchen and looked like he was getting interrogated by...Rin and Serena.
"Oh hey Allura" Judai smiled.
"What's going on?" Ruri asked.
"Just questioning Judai about certain things" Rin said blankly. Judai blinked.
"You know, I promised Yuzu I would take her out for dinner later, so if you-"
"Exactly!" Serena scowled.
"Eh? I'm sorry I didn't cook for dinner last Friday-"
"It's not that!" Rin said, "it's you and Yuzu".
"What about me and Yuzu?" Judai looked so confused.
"You do realize Yuya is madly in love with the girl right?" Serena said.
"That, I'm aware of, yes" Judai nodded. Then he cowered back a little when both Serena and Rin glared at him.
"Then why do you keep flirting with her?" Serena questioned. It was silent for a bit. Until the sound of popcorn being eaten was heard in the background. Ruri looked to see Yuri standing next to her.
"What?" Yuri questioned, "it's very entertaining". Ruri could only sigh.
"What? No, no I haven't" Judai said before looking at them, "honest!"
"What about the school dance?" Serena questioned.
"You know Serena, you're being very vague so I don't really-"
"You were singing 'Sexy Can I'-"
"I volunteered to sing!"
"But did you have to choose that song!? Not to mention you were flirting with Yuzu the entire time in front of everyone!" Rin argued. Ruri blinked. She was sick during the dance so she had to stay home.
"No I wasn't" Judai said blankly.
"Yes you were" Rin deadpanned, "the way you danced, the way you sang and smiled all towards Yuzu were very clear signs".
"You guys must be crazy" Judai just shook his head and laughed.
"You were behind her, hands on her hips while singing the most provocative lyrics in the whole song right next to her ear" Serena said.
"She seemed cool with it" Judai shrugged, "and what lyrics were those?"
"Sexy can I, hit it from the front, hit it from the back, I know you like it like that" those lyrics!" Serena scowled.
"Aww, I love it when you sing" Judai smiled brightly, causing Serena to blush. She quickly shook her head.
"Don't change the subject!"
"This is gonna last a while isn't it?" Yuri guessed, "how you holding up Ruri?" Ruri, however, had to wrap her mind around what she had just heard. He did what?
"She had her back against the table while you were leaning over her and your face was just inches away! Yuto had to hold Shun back you idiot!" Rin yelled.
"Well...I just went with the flow, ya know?" Judai chuckled.
"It was practically foreplay" Serena glared angrily, "how did you not see Yuzu's expression? She was red as a strawberry the entire time!"
"Ok that was one time, and I'm sorry-"
"There's plenty of other times too" Rin scowled, "how many times have you kissed her already? Dead-on on the lips?"
"Once" Judai answered.
"More like ten!" Ruri blinked. Where hell was she during all of this?
"I think she's gotten used to it" Serena stated.
"I'm actually a bit jealous" Rin admitted.
"I don't recall" Judai said.
"Next question?"
"Ugh" Rin threw her arms up.
"First time was when you were determining what magic users we are, another one was was for Yuya's tournament win, and the other time was sudden and in the middle of school, everyone thought you were her boyfriend!" Serena scowled.
"Really? Never noticed" Judai said blankly, "you guys act like me and her slept with each other or something".
"Did you ever think about it?" Rin asked seriously.
"....No" Judai replied.
"What was that pause for?" Serena questioned, "you did didn't you?"
"I cannot deny nor confirm that question" Judai said simply. His poker face, Ruri noticed, was really good.
"Are you doing this to mess with Yuya?" Ruri piped up and everyone looked at her.
"No, of course not" Judai shook his head, "come on, I'm better than that Allura, you know that!"
"Are you sure you aren't doing this just to mess with Yuya?" Serena asked seriously.
"Why would I do that?" Judai gave a questioning look.
"You are a bit of a sadist" Rin implied, "and you tend to ruin all other guys' hopes and dreams".
"Why does no one ever have faith in me?" Judai sighed.
"So you just like to casually flirt with my sister?" Ruri questioned.
"I don't flirt, I just interact with Yuzu, ok?" Judai sighed. Ruri didn't noticed the small blade of light in Judai's left hand.
"Yes, singing a dirty song while making her bend over a table is definitely 'interacting', especially when you did it at Shun's employee of the year party" Yuri laughed softly. Jaws dropped and Judai burst out laughing.
"You what!?" Ruri glared at Judai.
"You were so lucky you got off of her just as Shun got back from the bathroom too" Yuri smiled, "if I recall, you pecked her on the lips before singing a more appropriate song". Silence.
"She does have sweet lips, I can tell you that" Judai said honestly, "cherry, if I recall".
"So you do admit to kissing her!" Rin pointed a finger at him.
"I'm just going to ask, does Judai have an attraction to girls with unique-colored hair? Or does he have an attraction to younger girls? Or sisters?" Yuto came out of nowhere.
"No" Judai deadpanned, and the ropes fell to the ground.
"Look, it was a fun chat and all, but I got-"
"Judai, I came early! Is that all right..." Yuzu trailed off as she saw all her other sisters and the two Yu boys, "is something happening here?"
"Just asking Judai why he keeps being a flirt around you, especially with the foreplay" Rin explained, "are you two lovers or something?" Ruri caught that sudden flush of red in Yuzu's face.
"N-N-No! No he's not" Yuzu said quickly. Yuri and Yuto looked at each other, before they started laughing hysterically. They didn't care about the death glares they were receiving from the Hiragi sisters.
"Just wait, when Yuya gets home he's going to be so pissed" Yuri kept laughing.
"So, have you done anything weird to Yuzu?" Ruri questioned Judai, but found he wasn't there. She looked to see Judai practically carrying Yuzu out of the house.
"Hey! Where do you think you're going?" Serena shouted.
"Dinner, I did make a promise after all" Judai stated.
"J-Judai, you can put me down now" Yuzu said flustered.
"Awww, don't you look cute" Judai smiled and kept on walking towards his car. Rin was about to run after him, but the door suddenly closed and she got slammed to the ground instead.
"How long before she becomes a part of it too?" Yuri asked.
"Give it about a couple months" Yuto replied.
"Or a few days".
"What about Yuya?"
"What about Yuya?" Yuri questioned.
"What happens if he becomes all angry like in Vegas-"
"You would know something about being angry and jealous wouldn't you?" Yuri joked, earning a scowl from Yuto.
"Yuya's gonna find out one day or another" Yuto implied.
"What do you mean, nah?" Yuto questioned.
"He'll be fine, it's not like he ever had a chance, did he?" Yuri asked. They looked at each in the eye for a few seconds. Then they shook the heads.
"Highly doubt it".
"Naaah, just nah".
"He always had the worst luck at love".
"He lost the first time Judai walked her home".
"I know right?"
"Johan has keen eyes".
"Maybe he'll die alone?"
"That's too harsh".
"Do you two have so little faith in your brother?" Ruri deadpanned.
"Of course, he's our brother after all" Yuto smirked, "besides, it's just dinner, am I right?"
"More like dinner first, sex afterwards" Yuri said and they both laughed. Until they got three punches to the gut each by some not-so amused Hiragis.

"What is it?" Judai asked, looking up from his appetizer. They were in a nice Italian restaurant in the North Side of Chicago.
"You look deep in thought, why is that?" Yuzu asked.
"Just...remembering things" Judai sighed.
"It's not...war memories, is it?" Yuzu looked worried.
"No" Judai laughed lightly, "it's something else, something pleasant". Yuzu nodded and took a drink from her glass before looking at Judai.
"Yes milady?" Judai smiled.
"What got you attracted to my sisters?" Yuzu wondered. Judai blinked.
"Well, you and sisters...." Judai pondered and Yuzu blushed, "well besides the fact you girls are cute, strong, independent, likable, good natured, brave and nice-though Serena can be a bit of a tsundere-I guess it has to do with my past life".
"Past life?" Yuzu tilted her head to the side in confusion.
"Usually a normal person would have one or two reincarnations if they're lucky, but I'm not exactly normal am I?" Judai said playfully.
"No, definitively not" Yuzu laughed.
"I've lived over a thousand lives. Died a thousand times" Judai explained, "I remember them all, probably because I was a being of time in my first life, but do you know what happened in many of the lives I've lived?"
"Misery and suffering?" Yuzu guessed. Judai laughed.
"That's me, but no. I met many people, fell in love plenty of times as well" Judai looked at Yuzu, "nearly almost every time I've found love I've met one of my wives from my first life if we were in the same time period, can you guess who they were?"
"You can't mean...." Yuzu was a bit shocked. Judai put his hand over hers.
"Each life where I found love, while I didn't realize it until now, fell for each one of you" Judai pointed at Yuzu, "you or your sisters, past life or not".

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