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Chapter- Thirty Four.

"Come in." A soft voice told us. The lady looked to be around forties. She was a petite woman, with brown hair and eyes just as beautiful as Vitale. Their eyes and their hair were the only thing similar between them.

She looked at me and gave a sincere smile. The type of smile where the eyes sparkles. "You must be Chanel."

I nodded and returned her smile, "Yes. It is nice to finally meet you." I told, taking out my right hand and shaking it with her.

She lightly shakes it back, "Me too, dear. Me too.

"Come in, your father is waiting."  She told, he face turned towards him, a slight smile on her face.

Vitale then handed her the bag she was holding, "For you."

She looked taken aback but smiled nevertheless.

"Thank you. Come in."

I saw it know. Vitale was nervous so was his mother. The formal act was suffocating me. Do parents really behave like this in front of their kids?

A pinch of the cheeks, a tight hug and a teasing smile and a voice about how much they have grown.

This was how Vitale's reunion should have been and not a formal welcome.

"Yeah." I followed both of them inside. After passing the hallway, we entered the living room. Pictures lined up against the wall. Pictures captured a certain time, a beautiful memory. Pictures help the memory not to fade away. They were our road to yesterday.

A man was leaned against a photograph. His hands were on the frame, it looked like he was fixing the photograph.

The moment he heard us, he turned around. And I nearly gasped. He looked just like Vitale. I told his eyes looked like his mother but I was wrong. His eyes looked like his father. The exact shade of green. The exact mixture. They were almost identical.

The same jaw and nose. It felt like I was looking at Vitale, a older one. Now I know how Vitale would look when he would turn old.

"Vitale." He called out, a grin on his face. "Oh God, I missed you so much." His accent slightly changed before his language fully changed. He started talking in Italian.

Vitale's mother smiled. Vitale grinned. And I was standing there like a fool. A family reunion was happening and I felt like an outsider.

Then his father turned to me, "Hello. I'm Nico." His voice was deep and I immediately stuck out my hand to shake it with him, "I'm Chanel."

He grinned widely, the smile gave his face a youthful look, "I know, girl. How you managed to stay to with him for so long is beyond my knowledge." He chuckled shaking his head.

"Is he treating you well. I don't want my daughter in law to be treated badly." I gave him an awkward smile. Vitale was treating me very well indeed.

"Yes. He is treating me well." I licked my lips before saying, "He loves me too much." My eyes lingered on Vitale, wondering what his reaction would be.

He was not shocked. If anything he only looked relaxed. He grinned and told, "Yes. I love you too much."

I was left dumbfounded. And then I smirked. Oh! It was going to be such a fun night.


"Mom, it is enough." Vitale said, irritation clear in his voice.

After sometime, Vitale's mom came out of her shell and behaved like how a mother should. Half of her time went on our so called marriage.

I learned that Vitale had told them that we were dating for a year and that we got engaged last month. We both met while we were at his friend's party. That friend is George.

What a ridiculous story. And far different from the original one.

"No. Huss. I need to click more pictures."

Currently, we both were posing for pictures. Out 100th picture probably.

I wondered if Vitale would have been more normal then do we both needed to act?

Maybe it would have been real.

But it is not.

Reality sucks.


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