Part 2 Slave!Liato x Master!Reader

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"Ready for round two? You haven't claimed the beast yet babe."

You growled at Liato, your body still sensitive from before. "Not even. There will be no round two!" You heard his deep chuckle.

"Then why am I on top and you on bottom?" You glared at him, when he snapped his fingers, and a song came on. Your eyes widened....You knew this song.

With no permission Liato thrusting into your asshole, you screamed out in pain, it felt like he was ripping you from the inside out!

Liato leaned over you and whispered sweet nothing's in your ear, while he did that he was kissing your neck through the paused moments.

You quivered under him. He was like a bear holding its prey captive. You were in unBEARable pain (see what I did there, no..OK) it was so agonizing.

Liato thrusted into you, and you gasped, this time a new pleasure flooding through you. You clenched your walls around him, you were honestly scared.

Liato growled from the tightness, he pulled you up so your back was against his chest, and he was thrusting deeper inside your ass. You moaned, it felt so good.

Liato's husky voice whispered the lyrics of the chorus in your ear, you blushed, it caught you off guard.

He thrusted harder into your right hole, you moaned louder, your (c/z) breasts bounced with each thrust, same with your (h/l) (h/c) hair. It felt so good.

You ran your hand down your body, and rubbed your clit as he thrusted. You squealed in pleasure. Liato didn't like that you were pleasuring yourself, he grabbed your hands, and held them behind your back with one hand, the other rubbing your clit furiously.

You squirmed, the pleasure increasing. He pounded into you at an inhuman speed, and stuck his finger inside your pussy, he fingered you in rthymth of his pounding.

You screamed out his name multiple times, the pleasure was too much. You couldn't handle it. Your knees gave out on you and you dropped against the bed once again.

Liato grabbed your hips, spread your legs, and pounded even deeper than before.

You were in full blown esctasy, you didn't even notice that you released.

You grabbed the leash and pulled Liato back on top of you, you felt so cold, he was sooooo warm.

He held your head against the bed. "You like this huh master? Such a slutty whore~" his words turned you on.

"I'm your slutty whore.." your voice was quiet, almost like a whisper, your throat hurt from all the moaning and screaming you were doing. Liato heard what you said, and he blushed.

He slapped your ass cheek as hard as he could, and he leaned over you once again, biting into your neck, taking your blood as he came into your asshole.

That was twice he came..God, you might get pregnant.

He pulled out of your ass, and laid down right next to you, holding you close to him. You shivered, your eyes slowly drooping. You felt the covers being pulled over you, you smiled gently.

"I love you..My kinky little slave." You fell asleep, but right before darkness fully consumed you, you heard his words, which made your heart flutter.

"I love you too, my sexy master." Liato kissed your head, and fell asleep, with you in his arms.


Kanato blushed madly at the scene that happened, he hears noises coming from his brother's room, he thought it was just one of the girls Liato would usually take home with him.

When kanato opened the door a small crack, he saw it was Liato dominating (Y/n)! "Should we tell the others about this Teddy?" Kanato asked his teddy. He looked at it a moment before getting a nosebleed, he fell backwards.

Everyone except (y/n) and Liato heard kanato fall. They looked at him, seeing his blood covering his shirt.

"S-she was finally dominated. S-she had a sexy body." That was the words Kanato could muster before he passed out.

Ayato yelled in fustrastion, Reiji hmphed and walked away, a small blush formed onto his cheeks. Subaru punched the wall muttering things like "I wanted to see that", "why did kanato get to see the hot shit." And Shuu..He was interested by tonight's actions from everyone. He knew for sure he would tease (Y/n) about this.

Sorry if it's not that good, I hope it was though. Enjoy.
Sorry that it's also kinda short

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