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Today, I was going to Hang out with Veronqua. She's the only friend I've keep away from Brendon for more than 3 months. Of course, That Just made Brendon want her more. But So far, I have been sucsessfull at keeping her away from him.

As I headed down the road to the local movie Theater, I thought about all the people Brendon had stolen from me. I Just had to Wonder, Is Véroniqua like them? Wait, why would I think something like That? Véroniqua has been nothing but loyal to me since we first met! I shook my Head at myself as I pulled up to Our local AMC Theater. As but nothing was going to prepare me for what I was about to witness, in the car, Just across from mine, I saw Brendon and Véroniqua, kissing in his car. I couldn't hold back my tears. I was So stupid to think I had found somebody who cared about me, and would Never Hurt me, before I left, I took my Lucky rock from my purse, and flung it at Brendon's window. The window shattered as quickly as my trust. The trust That Veroniqua had built up with me these past few months, the trust That she Just Lost. I couldn't take it anymore.

I ran.

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