Mysteries. Part 43

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" They certainly have, haven't they Reid?" I said to him as he cooed at the little one in his arms.

" Yes." he murmured to me without taking his eyes of the little beauty inhis arms.

He looked like he was a natural born father. Pity I couldn't give him any more. He would have loved that. I'm sure of it.

" There's going to be a family get together in Australia at the end of next month and we are all going to it. And I mean all of us. There will not be any refusals either. So clear your calenders for a couple of weeks." Reid was then looking up and saying to everyone.

" Aww shucks. What a bummer we can't come." Bella went on to whine a bit about that bit of news.

" You'll be coming too as will Brian and Jess. I might even drag The Kingsleys with us too since they have had a lot to do with me over the past few years including looking after my grandfathers affairs while he was alive. So consider it a lovely holiday that you will have to pay for yourselves if you want to go again. This time we'll be shouting the trip. So get your visa's and passports in order everyone." I went on to say to them all watching as their eyes all lit up at the coming trip across the world.

" What about Barb? She'll feel left out." Bella went on to say with a pout.

" Don't worry about her. I'll talk to her later and let her know I want her with us too." I said as I gave Reid a pointed look which relayed lots of thoughts he knew that were in my mind.

It was lovely spending a few days with them all there. But I do have to go home and sort a few things out. Namely Brian and Jess and getting in a caretaker to watch the house and gardens while we were all away.

But within a weeks time, we had nearly everything organized including the pasports and visa's which needed updating anyway.

Barb though, was a bit of an ostrich and wanted to put her head in the ground and not want to go anywhere at the moment. Especially since that damn ass of a boss of hers firing her after announcing his engagement to a pregnant Angela.

That must have been hard on Barb. Especially when she had been called a liar by him when she told him she was pregnant before it was announced that he was going to marry Angela. Barb has been down in the dumps and crying ever since on and off with the whole thing.

I pity the bastard when I run across him. He already had been offered the contract for the new builds. I know that Carlson Duggan might be an arse, but that was as a man. Not as the Building Engineer. His business ethics were impeccable and I have no complaint about those.

It was the fiance and her reputation that just might be the end of him and his reputation.

I just feel bad for Barb who has caught the brunt of this because of Angela. She, Angela, has always made it her aim to get what she wants regardless of it is she wants or the cost involved. Which she didn't have to pay. She never did.

That was left up to everyone else to pay for, which she didn't give a hoot over.

While all this was happening, Dorn and his company were going through all the paperwork that arrived from Australia. There was one thing that came up from a small snippet that was written on a side slip of paper. It was a reference to something that happened when Bobby was twelve.

There was a name attached to it and Dorn was able to trace it to a police officer that had retired some years ago in Albuquerque where the Joifields originated from.

We left it up to Dorn's company to look into it. We don't have the time for it with our work. One thing that had been suggested to Jonathon Thoms, Joy's husband, was that his first wife be exhumed and tested for DNA. It was all still a big mystery.

Anyway, we had everything organised to fly out at the beginning of next week, including taking Barb with us for the trip. She was very consious about the small bulge she was now sportingin front of her and a few times, I felt a sudden pang of pain when i would notice her place her hand over it and gently rub it.

It reminded me of little Ashur and when he was that size inside my own womb and I would do the same thing like all pregnant mums did.

I think that Reid was becoming very aware of when those moments saddened me and I would feel a tug from his hand and he would gently draw me into his arms and just hold me close to him as we rocked together for a moment or two as we just held each other.

It wasn't just my baby that we lost. It was his baby too. Our little boy who never got a chance to take his first breath thanks to his murderous grandfather. But that was then and I try real hard not to think about that time.

I try to think about all the good times instead.

Nevertheless, both Reid and I were looking forward to this trip for other special reasons. Family. We know that reid has DNA connections to both Daniel's and Joy's family. It's all just a mystery as to how they all fit in together.

And we all like to solve mysteries, don't we?

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