Mysteries. Part 43

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20th December 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

Well then. We all knew that life always throws us a few curve balls every now and again and to say that the curve balls we now have with Reid, Joy and Daniel all having the same DNA has thrown us all for a loop or two.

What on earth happened in the past had to originated with Bobby Joifield's family before they immigrated out to Australia in the forty's.

Joy's mother Maggie, had said that Bobby always had a bit of an accent, Joy was saying to us. But then she said her mother always said it was more prominent when Bobby was with his friend George Roberts who was an American when they were together.

So we had the investigation start with them by putting Dorn's company onto the job. They had a very good reputation along with getting good results. So after getting what info we could from Joy and from within her own files back at her home in Australia and having them forwarded to her via email, all the information was passed on to the investigators to delve into.

It sort of made it alot easier when all of the paperwork that Bobby had in storage was still intact after having been stored very well after his parents had been killed. Then when Maggie had to sort everything out that was still stored of Bobby's, she had Mr Johnson look after all of it while she and Ron had left Armidale.

That's what Joy told us anyway.

So getting sheet after sheet of info along with messages that an immediate courier would be sending hard copies of a lot of paperwork directly to Dorn's office to sort through was also making everything really interesting.

We spent nearly a week with Micah and Jill before heading back home to both Emmett and Horseshoe Bend where both Reid and I live. Also getting ourselves back into a routine of sorts. But having a baby in the house made it interesting too, especially when it was two of them, at Reid's house that is.

Reid and I shared looks when we remembered that there were multiples in his family as there was in Micah's. We just had to laugh about it.

" What were the odds of us having any?" He asked me once on the way home.

" Practically zilch." I said to him in a sad voice giving him a sad look as well.

" Why?" He asked me quietly as he leaned over to look at me.

" What do you mean?" He went on to say to me in a quiet tone of voice as he looked very intently at me.

" There was damage to my uterus, remember?" I reminded him with a sad look along with tears welling in my eyes which had me blinking them to stop the tears from running down my face.

" Shit. I'm so sorry, Love. So very sorry." He said to me as he wrapped one of his arms around me and pulled me closer to him kissing the top of my head.

He held me like that all the way home on the plane from Bend as we flew to Boise. He was very careful and attentive all the way back to Emmett and was still very attentive to my every need once we settled down in the family room after arriving with everyone clambering for our attention.

I don't know how it happened that I was soon holding a baby girl in my arms. Reid was likewise holding her sister in his. They were the most beautiful little darlings I have ever seen. I couldn't help but smile down at the one I was holding.

" You have Patrice and dad has Rebecca. They have grown a little since you've been away somewhat, haven't they?" Jack was saying as he sat on the arm of the settee beside me.

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