Chapter 6

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When she woke up, it was quiet. It took her a moment to realize where she was. The bed was empty, Kole wasn't anywhere in the room. She blinked trying to adjust her eyes to the brightness that was coming in. Shifting out of her fox, she hoped that Kole wasn't mad at her for being in her form. Just another reminder to him that she wasn't a wolf and was unworthy to be his mate and the packs' Luna.

Sitting up she was finally able to look around the room, this time taking in the masculine setting. There wasn't much to it, he had a flat screen mounted onto the wall, a small couch and recliner in front of it, and a bookshelf next to the windows filled with various titles. A door to the bathroom and another into what she assumed to be the walk in closet. All in all, the light blue room screamed man.

Aurora stood pulling on her clothes, not sure when or if Kole was coming back. She put on her jeans and shirt from yesterday on, not having anything else to change into.  Hesitating slightly, she made her way to the door, not sure if she was supposed to go downstairs or stay in the room. As much as she wanted to stay in the room and hide, she had a feeling that it wouldn't be tolerated. The cool feel of the metal door knob was just another reminder that she wasn't dreaming, she was free of Darren and her tormentors.

As big of house as it was, she was thankful that she didn't have to guess which way the downstairs was; there was a clear view of the staircase. Aurora's heart was beating frantically as she heard noise coming from the first floor, she wasn't ready to face anyone. 

Slowly making her way down the stairs, she immediately came to view with Kole and two other guys, sitting at the table enjoying what looked to be pancakes and sausage.

"Good morning, I was just about to bring you up something." Georgia said with a smile, as she entered from what Rory assumed to be the kitchen. "Please take a seat."

Aurora looked around the table, and noticed that there was a spot next to Kole open, or there was one across the table from him.  Deciding to sit away from him, she kept her gaze down, as she felt eyes staring at her, watching her every move. Kole's gaze was heavy on her as she sat down, glancing up to catch a frown come across his face.

"Do you like pancakes?" Georgia asked.

"Sure," She nodded not sure what types of pancakes they were. The only pancakes that she was used to were ones that were burnt to a crisp, and tasted like bitterness. Unlike the burnt plate she was expecting, Georgia slid a fresh stack of three pancakes, eggs, and sausage in front of her.

Aurora couldn't help but just stare down at the pink plate. It was so fresh... she was surprised.

Her stomach growled at her begging her to take a bite of the deliciousness in front of her, but she knew she wouldn't be able to eat it all. Her stomach was small, and if she stuffed it too full-it would all come back up.

Glancing up she couldn't help but blush as she realized everyone was watching her marvel over the food that was placed in front of her.  Gulping, she glanced down; nearly jumping out of her seat when she heard Kole speak.

"Get out, I will speak to you later." He demanded his tone leaving no room for negotiating.

Her mouth practically watered as she stood from her spot, preparing to leave the delicious meal in front of her.

"Not you, Aurora." Kole growled.

Kole had known the moment she was up and moving down the stairs, he could smell her scent entering the room before she did. Gulping he looked to his plate, slightly nervous. The night before had been easy, because they were too tired to do anything and both wanted to just go to bed. He wasn't sure how to handle her.

The way she looked down at the food placed before her was sickening. He couldn't understand how she was felt seeing a warm meal put before her. The whole room could hear her stomach growl. Kole glanced to his pack brothers, and noticed the way they were watching her. No wonder she seemed to be uncomfortable.

When he demanded for them to get out, he did it merely to give her some freedom to eat without the guys staring at her. His heart clenched as she stood with them, the look of sadness crossing her face as she went to walk away from the meal.

"Not you, Aurora." Kole spoke, his voice coming out harsher than he expected. She flinched at his tone, and he immediately felt guilty. He didn't mean to growl, but he was more frustrated in her past abuse that it came out wrong.

His blue eyes never left her form as she sat down again, her eyes once again on her plate.

"Do you like pancakes?" Kole questioned after a moment of silence.

A head nod was all he received.

"Well please enjoy, let me know if you need anything." He spoke glancing over at the files he was supposed to be going over. He wasn't going to leave the room, but he also wanted to make her comfortable enough to eat-which is why he was going to do some work, or at least pretend he was working.  More importantly he wanted to see how much she ate.

He tried not to stare; he really did, but watching her enjoy the hot meal was oddly enjoyable. It was like watching a kid trying to hide their excitement at Christmas time and failing miserably. His wolf was proud that his pack was able to support her; even that little small meal was a sign of caring for her; providing for her.

"Do you have any clothes in your bag?" Kole asked his gaze roaming over the worn clothes that she was wearing.

"No." Aurora whispered so softly that he had to strain to hear her.

"We will have to fix that."  Kole nodded making a mental note to ask Georgia to assist.  He gazed back down at the reports from the farmers and the numbers they had for the crops to be produced in the couple months.  His pack was a little different than other packs he knew of. He was proud to say that they support themselves by producing their own crops; mainly veggies and fruit. It was something that the youth in the pack worked on with the elders. Kole found that not only did it keep them from misbehaving, it also taught them responsibility and allowed them to be confident that they were providing for their family. Overall the small tasks in the pack were enjoyed by everyone.

Kole frowned as he looked to his mate, he wanted nothing more than to kiss her senseless but she would probably run in fear. No, he had to take things slow and as much as he hated it, he knew that it would be best for them in the long run.

She ate in silence, and he found that he had no idea what to say to her. He wasn't good with his words- he never was, but to think about talking to his mate seemed to make things even harder.  So they sat in silence just enjoying each others company.

After Aurora finished eating, she picked up her plate and loaded into the dishwasher. She was cleaning the kitchen when Georgia found her.

"What are you doing?" Georgia asked looking around at the now clean kitchen. It practically shined.

"I was just cleaning up from breakfast." Aurora responded as she hit the start button on the dishwasher. Not only was she used to cleaning up after everyone, that it became a habit- she actually liked to clean, it was soothing and order gave her comfort.

"You didn't have to do that, I was coming right back. Thanks for helping." Georgia spoke softly. The last thing she wanted Aurora to think was that she was only brought into their pack to clean up for them. She was so much more special than that, she was the Luna. One of the most important members of the pack. The Luna was like the mother to the pack, the one that stood by the Alpha's side at all times and supported him, as well as keeping him in check to do what was best for the pack. Someone her bother definitely needed in his life.

Just a reminder:

*Kole - Alpha 

*Aurora (Rory) - Luna

*Georgia - Alex's mate, and Kole's sister (also, she would be the new Luna, if something were to happen to Kole, and Alex would step up as Alpha)

*Alex - Beta & Georgia's mate

*Josh - Third

Let me know if you have any questions!

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