Reading, Voting and Commenting

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So I was thinking about this the other day, as I get notifications when someone votes/comments on anything as well as when people follow me and update things. It's just a thing that happens with the glory of technology.

In essence, I enjoy it quite a bit when people vote and/or comment on my stuff. Not saying you need to, you most certainly do not.

The reason I enjoy voting, is I can see that people are actively engaging in what I'm writing and I think that puts pressure on me to continuously update. Not bad pressure, I'm sure there's a better word for it. I like feeling as if I have dedicated myself to something and am therefore carrying out that task as well as people's general enjoyment.

This active engagement that I mentioned also can be scattered. You vote on one chapter, for example, but not another. This also tells me what you actually like of my writing.

Which is also cool; it helps shape the story.

As far as comments go, I think these are what makes me the most excited to see. Regrettably, I don't reply to as many comments as I should, because there's literally nothing for me to say. But I do read every single one, even if I'm not responding. If you really want to have a conversation with me, the comments section might not be the most opportune place. But this does give me an idea of what you all don't like or do like and it helps when deciding where to go with a book, because I go into these mostly blind. I don't know where to have them end so it helps me determine which path is best. I also like getting suggestions for literally anything. I liked writing what you like reading, in essence.

So I like it when you guys have things to say and I like hearing people's opinions more specifically because I really enjoy discussing literature. I get it, I'm no Shakespeare, but it's still nice that people like to talk about them. Also about the community surrounding these fandoms in general.

I'm not posting this so you guys will consider doing it more likely, I just wanted to make it appear that I am more actively engaged in this then it appears.

I also plan to talk about suggestions in another update of this little thing I've got going, but you'll see that once I've gone ahead and proofread it.

Thank you guys so much for actually taking the time to read this. I know listening me talk about nonsense in the most confusing way is odd, but don't mind it.


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