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"If you want something to last forever, you treat it differently. You shield it and protect it. You never abuse it. You don't expose it to the elements. You don't make it common or ordinary. If it ever become tarnished, you lovingly polish it until it gleams like new. It becomes special, because you have made it so, and it grows more beautiful and precious, as time goes by"

-F.Burton Howard-


Third's Person P.O.V

10 Years passed by since the day the twins were born. A lot of thing happened to the Capello family, and it seems like things are progressing forward.

Destiny & Stefano never had anymore kids since the twins, simply because they thought they had enough kids. And as promised, Stefano is about to take Destiny to Paris for their tenth wedding anniversary, it's not like they couldn't do it beforehand, it's just he wanted to make things a lot more special.

Stefano has opened a few branches in Asia, before, his company was more toward the western world, but it seems like he took a gamble and now his company is growing bigger than ever.

He hasn't gotten rid of his slightly awkward serious personality but in his partner's eyes, he is just perfect the way he is, and he becomes a pretty good, but strict father toward his children, especially Juliette, his only daughter, because he simply wants the best for the kids and he'll do anything to do so.

Destiny is getting older, and she is pretty much a housewife now, but she still uses her medical knowledge at times, and she often volunteer in project that requires medical knowledge.

And regarding her children, she has always loved all of them equally, no matter how troublesome they can be, she is just patience at heart, but as a good mother, she manages to educate and take care of them well.

Alan is now a teenage boy, and he had a few things changed. He became a lot smarter and more handsome than ever.  He is fairly close to the rest of the kids. Sure, he has his share of jealousy whenever Destiny showed so much attention to them, but it just slowly faded away as he got older and he understood a lot of things in life.

He has always been a smart kid, but he showed so much interest in business, just like his father, and he went to a business college in England, and he still have a few years until he returns to take over the company, and also, it seems like he will have a few surprises coming in his love life. I wonder what will happen ?

Juliette and Maximiliano, they became cute kids who are very close to each other. Like really close, maybe that's because they are twins, they seem to have a connection with each other, and they showed a big interest in different thing.

Juliette is more a princess type of girl who loves fashion and modeling, which makes her close to her aunt, Agata. Her dream is to become a model and actress, but who knows what will the future holds for her ?

Maximiliano is more like a serious type. He is pretty much has a quiet and mysterious vibe in him, he prefers reading complicated books and he seems to have inherited his mom's brain with his father's slight personality. But he is still a child after all, and who knows what he will be in the future ?

Celine and Romeo, they got engaged and married. They still fought about simple things at times, maybe because they are the opposite attract couple, Celine is more serious and Romeo is more easygoing. But fortunately, Romeo never cheated on her or else he would be a dead meat. And they had two kids together, a boy and a girl. The boy is named Saverio, which was the eldest, and the girl is named Nicola.

Agata and Lucas, they became one of the most fun couple to watch because Lucas is very calm and patience facing Agata's easygoing and child like demeanor, and sometimes these couple make the rest chuckle in sympathy when they appear together. Agata is as clingy as ever, and together, they had a daughter named Celia which is very close to the twins, since she was around the same age as them.

Wendy, she is still close to the Capello family, but she still misses her son, which whereabouts is still a mystery.

Fabian and Loretta, they still don't have any kids, but still, they never gave up on each other which was worthy of respect.

Elena, she still takes care of Camellia, who is now a young teen, the same age as Alan, but her health has worsened and no one knows how much longer she can remains healthy and alive.

Camellia has grown into a fine young teen. She shows a great interest in art, which may lead her to a whole new journey, she is a really nice girl, but her relationship with Alan has distanced greatly due to some issues, but it seems like you can't escape your destiny, can you ? Who knows, maybe she will even end up with him...


"We are about to arrive soon" Stefano holds Destiny's hand as they are about to land on Paris. They are going for their "god knows how many times" honeymoon trip. They just always think of their trip together as honeymoon, maybe that's one of the many key for their long lasting relationship.

"Yeah, I can't believe we're finally here" Destiny gives Stefano a smile as she holds his hand.

"It's terrifying how quickly time passes by, isn't it ?"

Both of them look at each other, and Stefano gives Destiny a quick kiss in the cheek.

"I can't imagine my life now if I didn't meet you" Stefano speaks truthfully. His voice sounds so sincere, it's almost touching.

"Me too, Stefano, I can't imagine my life without you too"

Even though ten years has passed by, they look like they haven't aged in a bit, in fact, their heart is still as young as ever, they are just madly in love with each other, and nothing can ever truly tears them apart.

"Well, what a shame we didn't bring the kids along" Destiny says making Stefano frowns. He moves his hand to her cheek and stroke it gently.

"You know it's a special trip for us, Cara Mia, don't think about taking the kids along, I just want it to be between you and me"

Destiny looks at her husband that looks like a big boy with jealousy, and that makes her chuckles slightly. She moves her hand to his neck and slowly leans in to kiss him, which surprises him a bit, but then, they end up kissing each other, and it looks like Stefano refuses to let the kiss go.

Suddenly the jet's room door opened and the pilot enters the room, and he freezes at such a... inappropriate sight.

"Umm, excuse me sir, but we have landed"

Destiny immediately pulls out, her cheeks redden in embarrassment. But Stefano doesn't seem to feel embarrassed at all as he gives a small nod to the pilot.

"We'll continue in our hotel room later, Darling"

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