Dig Deep

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A dark blob rattled off to the right. With the storm blocking his view Parcival couldn't make out what it was.

The endless chanting had stopped. Where had Maxwell's funkys disappeared to?

Where was anyone?

He pushed up off the ground and attempted to stand. The second time worked, and he brushed off the layer of snow on his back.

He almost shouted for her, but remembered that Kar and Rei were still around.

The ratteling started again and had an angery quality to it. He shuftled over to it. A stick rolled under his foot and he fell face first into the snow.

"Blasted thing!"

He searched for it and hesitating, before throwing it. The flute! It might be heard over the wind. Useless right now he tied it to a pouch string and slipped it under the belt.

Nathenals chair stood out through the swearling snow; as did a small box that was jumping around like a possessed orb-ringer ball.

Shouldn't leave it here, also Merryn had bern adament about helping the god. It was better to take it with then risk the others acquiring it. He picked it up and tucked it under an arm.

The only good thing about the cold was it had numbed all the injuries. He moved with stiffness, but little pain.

A hooded shadow moved toward him. Merryn?

He stood his ground. Good or ill, it would show in a moment.

Kar's staff was a light, its blue center pearced the whiteout. He closed the distance and thwacked Parcival's head.

"Quit it!"

"Lazy hero! I've worked to hard to infiltrate these madmen to lose her now!"

He whaped him on the head again.

"Stop it!" Parcival punched at the crazy wizard, but missed as Kar dodged it.

"Dimwit! Didn't you listen to a word I said earlier? Or do I have to choke you again? She is the last!"

He shook his staff at him.

"If she dies Nathenal will be the last of our worrys. Without the Adapts in place the dark gods will suck this planet dry."

"How do I know this isn't just some converted plan to get your master back?" Parcival took a step to the left. It was hard to make out, but was that a tail over behind the broken slab?

"Think! Have I ever truly harmed her or any of you?"

He pulled back his hood and rubbed his ears, they thined and enlongated. Elven ears.

"I haven't had time to get through to her; to explain to any of you. I did lose my temper, but the harsh methods were necessary to keep her fighting."

Parcival rubbed his cold hands. He had to be crazy if he thinks I'm going to even consider that.

"We don't have time for this! Maxwell had the rest of the Adapts killed and she's all that's holding back the tide of dark-gods from gorging this planets energy, and us with it!"

Kar's pointed teeth faded as he talked as did his other sharp features. He straightend and became the youth from before.

"Who are---"

He ran his fingers through his hair and pulled "Arrg!"

He stamped over before Parcival could move away.

"We don't have time. Look about you, see the truth." Kar's aura flared above and changed from a muted gray to a bright yellow. He pointed skyward.

Giant black blobs filled the sky indistinguishable in the furry of the storm. They droped down and circiled around the hill. The storm let up some; enough to show the blobs merging. Arms and legs formed followed by a head. Dear gods, help us.

"Find her. I'll work on freeing the crazed god; he might calm some if reminded of who he is."

Parcival shook his head. "He's as bad or worse, leave him."

"Just go, find the old underground vault. It's in the hill."

Parcival handed him the box, half expecting Kar to attack.

Kar took it. "I will try to calm him, he was never ment to fuse with her. My clan had a body ready for him."

He closed his eyes. "It all went wrong."

He turned and went towards the broken seat.

Parcival walked to were she last was. Just mounds of white, not much else. Now, where was this vault at?

Around thirty feet to the right he fell forward almost falling head first into a large hole.

A gust of warm air came out if it and flowed over his face. Steam seeped out from the earth below; about eight feet down.

There wasn't any stairs leading down or near the hole. There's no help for it. He jumped down head first landing in the muck. His boots stuck in it, and he popped them out after some effort.

Many unlit light globes on the wall floated and glowed as he neared them. They brightned more not long after.

The vault was circular and had eight seperate tunnels topped with carved arch ways. A dragon, a cat, a bird, a staff, a behemoth, a bugbear, a tree, and a flower.

There wasn't any writing by them just the symbols. Nothing to do but try one and see where it went.

He stepped into the tunnel of the cat.


About an hour later, his feet were sore. The tunnel was caved in. This is crazy! He hacked at the bolders with a loose one. He screamed giberish at everything and everyone.

Calming he turned about and went back to the entrance and went down the dragon one.

Hope this one is it; so much wasted time. She could be dead already, even so as long as her soul stayed close it was possible to reverse death. Most of the time, and only with help.

He worked through the tunnel it continued to narrow oh, about every hundred feet. It was up against his shoulders as he squeezed through the last feet. In here it stank of bad meats and mold. But, the glitter of gold and jewels made up for it.

"If you like, you can stay a time." A woodsy voice cooed.

He arched his neck toward it. A lush woman sat cross legged on a natural over hang.

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