Carmen Stevens: When a Monster Calls

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The increasing noise got more violent with each bang, bang, BANG.

'What the fuck is it?' Carmen asked the doctor in frustration as another bang shook the door so hard she fell backwards. She scrambled to hold the door again, but it was proving less helpful.

A small voice came from the other side of the door. 'Let me in! It's me, Yvonne!' She stopped banging. The voice sounded familiar to her, then she realised it was the older woman who admitted her into the hospital.

Carmen looked at the doctor. 'Whatever was banging on that door just now was not some old lady. My hands are still shaking. Don't let her in.'

The doctor looked back at her. Sweat dripped down the corners of his face. 'I can't just keep her outside while there's a monster in the hospital.'

'Just make sure it's her and not some sort of trap,' Carmen told him with a sigh. The doctor nodded and walked to the window. He pulled a string to open the shutters. Carmen walked next to him.

The hallway, at first, appeared empty. One of the lights on the ceiling flickered as they tried to look in the direction of Yvonne. She appeared so suddenly that she caused the hearts of Carmen and the doctor to temporarily stop.

'Let me in!' Yvonne pleaded. Her frail face was covered in blood splatters. Her grey hair, previously up in a bun, fell messily down her face. Her chest heaved with each breath.

The doctor rushed to the door to let her in. Carmen remained still; she didn't want him to let anyone in, not after the brutality of the banging on the door. Something wasn't right.

Yvonne stumbled inside and rested against a nearby filing cabinet. She let out a grateful sigh and burst into tears. The doctor locked the door and tended to her. Carmen observed from a distance.

'You're wounded!' The doctor told Yvonne. He lifted her arm to reveal claw marks on the side of her body. Carmen could barely see in the shadows. Intrigued as a sickening feeling stirred in the pit of her stomach, she approached Yvonne carefully. The doctor grabbed a small flashlight from a nearby desk and shone it on the wound.

Carmen's suspicions were correct. The distance of the claw marks confirmed her most gutting reality – the Ripper was in the hospital, and he was looking for her.

The room started to spin and she fell back onto a chair. She looked up to the window to see the shutters were still open. There was nothing there, but not wanting to tempt fate, she pulled the string to close them.

'This room isn't safe,' Carmen told them. 'The door, the window...' she looked up, '...the ceiling. There are too many ways the Ripper can get in.'

'Is that what that thing was?' Yvonne asked. Carmen nodded. Yvonne looked at the doctor worryingly. 'I've heard stories about the Ripper. I know that it attacked two boys in the subway last week. The light hurts it.'

Carmen had almost forgotten about the Ripper's weakness to light. She looked towards the desk and pulled open the drawers until she found a small pile of flashlights.

Yvonne continued, 'it's killed everyone in the nearby wards. It's probably coming for us now.' The old nurse let out a scream. The doctor placed a hand on her mouth.

'Ssshh, don't make that much noise!' He begged her, then turned to Carmen. 'We'll be safe here. The back-up generator is keeping some of the lights on.'

Carmen looked at him. 'Where is the back-up generator?'

'There's a power-supply closet near the morgue,' he told her. 'There should be enough power to keep the hospital running for another day.'

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