This Fragile Eternity

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Also note this was written years ago, so the grammar, flow, spelling, etc is less than ideal and there may be parts that just don't make sense.

Also just a quick note. It's mentioned that Hades gave himself a piercing. This is not okay. It is not safe. Never try at home piercings, there is always a high risk of infection and complications. It is not worth it. If you want a piercing go to a professional please.

[ Sixteen year old, Hades Kaine is like any other kid who survived cancer, happy, and alive. Through the horrible ordeal he went through trying to get rid of the cancer he found God. For four years Hades has been cancer free and for the first time ever he's going to attend a public school, will he keep his faith through all the ordeals he has to face?

Sixteen year old, Shane Drake has a shity home life, parents who have tried numerous times to kill him and no one he trusts, but will all that change when Hades Kaine comes into his life? ]

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