The Proposal - Lewis Hamilton

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My own one Shot gives me chills.


And now, the moment everyone was expecting...
Lewis crossed the line in first place but it wasn't enough. Nico Rosberg became the World champion. I knew it wasn't that much painful for him, but I felt how he was feeling. He was smiling yes but deep down he was kinda hurt after what happened this year.

I saw when he arrived at the parc ferme got out of the car and waved to the fans.
That Moment my mom, Carmen, Me, Spinz and every single one of his mechanics and engineers felt emotionally weak but also happy to see how brave, stronger and happy he was.
I remember last night when we were at his hotel room talking and he started telling me how his life changed since we started dating almost one year ago. But he honestly don't know how his energy, his smile and his love changed me. It wasn't easy at first, we had ups and downs but in the end of the day our love only became stronger like we're Together for Centuries.

I saw him coming to us after complimenting Nico's engineers and mechanics, he took off his helmet. This was strange he hardly removes his helmet like this but anyway, He hugged our mom's, Spinz and finally he saw me and smiled. I didn't knew if I wanted to say something or if I needed to say but I just hugged him tightly and loving. He gave his helmet and the balaclava to one of his mechanics and hugged me so tight that I felt all his emotions. Even with the barrier between us, that was the best hug in the world.

"I Love You Princess" He whispered so low in my ear that it sounded like a sigh while I nodded.

I knew the cameras were all around us now but I didn't care. At that moment nothing else mattered. Almost one year and we did our best to protect our relationship from the media even avoiding to give them reason to talk about us. But today was a different day. I wanted to be there for him and to do whatever I needed to see him smiling and I wanted it. He looked at me and With his hand on my neck he rested our foreheads on each other.
I moved a little bit and we gave a 5 seconds kiss ( Not peck, a kiss) and DAMN THE CAMERAS JUST INCREASED AROUND US!

"I love you." I've finally whispered back. Because I loved him and for us that moment was our moment. But I see we stole the show already.

"Don't cry I'm okay." he said wipping away my tears with his thumb. I didn't even knew I was crying. Damn I'm too sensitive sometimes.
Then we gave a group hug with our mom's, Spinz and some of his friends while his team got closer to join the Hug. He left to finally hug the new world champion and then disappeared.

Minutes later it was podium time. I saw when Sebastian Vettel appeared happy with a big smile. Then Nico Rosberg with his second place and as a new world champion and finally with the first place My beautiful boyfriend Lewis.

They all receiving a big applause but Lewis? That was emotional, and it was deserved. They couldn't stop clapping and screaming to support him.

I'm So blessed and lucky to spend my time with him, and being always by his side, because the media, the haters will never know how beautiful Lewis is in and outside. How lovable, educated, smart, funny, unique and adorable he is. He can be a Dumbass sometimes but tell me who isn't? Everyone has his bad moments but we all have to learn to appreciate everything Good that everyone does,
And that Man words will never describe how much he means to me.

"Coming back to you Lewis, your family and friends are here today, how you feel?"

"I'm feeling super happy for having them all with me. As I said I did everything I could and it went as expected. I just wanna thank God for giving all of us the opportunity to be here and have fun after all, because we don't win everything, and it's up to us to learn to deal with this. I had bad moments this year, lot of difficulties but I'm happy to be here and I'm thankful for everything this team did to me. Of course the fans been showing us so much love that's very unique so too, so thank You very much."

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