chapter 20- waiting

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Jacks POV
"Where's mummy?" Olivia asked me.
"She's just gone out with daddy." I replied.
She was sat on the bed in mine and Emily's hotel room next to sleeping Mason and Freddie.
Lexi was with Emily, she wouldn't settle so she took her out for a walk. Leaving me with the others.
"How about we watch tv?" I asked Olivia.
"No! I want Mummy and Daddy!" She started to throw a tantrum.
"I can't help you." I replied. "Come on, your brothers are asleep. Auntie Em will be back soon. Why don't we watch  Sofia the first?" I asked again.
Olivia began to cry, I pulled her into my chest.
"Shh, Why don't you go to sleep. Mummy will be here in the morning." I said, brushing her hair out of her eyes.
I placed her next to Freddie on the bed, once she'd fallen asleep in my arms.

"Em, we need to go put them in their own beds." I said
"I know, but we don't have a key." She replied.
"I'll go talk to reception, they'll give us one." I said, walking to the door.

Joe's POV
Beep.. beep... beep. The noise kept replaying in my ears.
The bright light was getting closer, I reached out to touch it. My arms didn't move. I realised it was just a dream, I needed to open my eyes.
I tried to open then, they were stuck shut.
I tried to talk, nothing came out. I tried to scream, nothing exited my mouth.
Ellie's familiar smell took over the room, her sweet scent.

Ellie's POV
"Ah, Mrs Sugg. Your husband has broke his leg and punctured his left lung. I am afraid it is stopping his breathing, so we've put him on a ventilator to see if he'll improve. But it's not looking good." The doctor said as I sat down next to Joe.
"Thank you doctor." I replied wiping the falling tear from my cheek.
He exited the room, leaving me alone with Joe.

"Joe, can you hear me." I stopped to look at him.
"I love you Joe, you can't leave me and our children. Sugg, you need to get better. I've only just got you and the kids back. Baby Lexi, little Mason, handsome Freddie and Beautiful Olivia. They need you, we need you, I need you Joe. I love you sooo much. Please don't leave me." I cried into his chest.

"Jack?" I questioned answering my phone.
"Yeah, hey El." He replied, "how is he?"
"Not good. How are my babies?" I questioned with a yawn.
"They're all in bed. Ellie you need to rest, joe needs you buy he needs you strong. I'll call Zoe and Alfie and tell them what's happened, that way he'll never be alone. Ellie think of your kids, they need you. Joe will be okay, just please come back."
"I can't loose him again, Jack. I've only just got him back. I can't look after my kids alone. I left them, I don't know them like I use to. I love him Jack, I don't want him to leave me again." I cried.
"Stay there tonight with him, nothing's gonna happen. But if it does phone me, I'll be straight there with Emily. I promise you." Jack said
"Thanks Jack. I can see why your one of his best friend now." I replied.
"I'll see you tomorrow." Jack said.
"Bye." I said hanging up the phone.

"I'm afraid Mr Sugg is deteriorating very quickly, his lungs aren't working properly anymore. This is stopping blood flow around his body. His organs are starting to fail, he doesn't have much time left. I'm very sorry Mrs Sugg, the ventilator is gonna have to be switched off. He's not got much survival rate. Is they're any family or friends you would like to call, we suggest doing this now." I tried to block out the sound, Joe is dying.
Tears poured out of my cheeks, he can't leave me.
"I'm f..ine." I chocked out.
The doctor left me alone with Joe, the only sound I could hear was the sound of his heart beat. The thing that told me he was still alive.
My Joe won't die, My Joe won't leave me. My Joe loves his kids too much to lose them.

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