Fallen Memories - [15]

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Fallen Memories - 15

            Adam stood up, jamming both hands into his pockets. All around us the air stood still and silent. I found myself longing for the familiar night sounds–leaves brushing by, owls hooting, a distant car rolling down the street. There was nothing–one beat of silence followed another, like a line of baby ducklings following their mother down to a pond. An air of awkwardness followed suit, stretching miles between Adam and myself. To ward off the oncoming night fog, I folded my arms over my chest, tucking my elbows in.

            Taking my folded arms as an act of defiance, Adam scrubbed a hand through his hair and started down the porch steps.

            “I should get going,” he said, to no one in particular. Still cluttered in my mind, the throng of unanswered questions slammed against the door that led to the black wall of nothingness. A rush of boldness sent me forward. I stopped myself short from grabbing Adam’s shirtsleeve.     

            “You can’t go yet,” I blurted, surprising myself. The logical half of my brain shook a disappointed finger at me, bluntly reminding me that this was the boy who’d seemingly tried to kill me three times, and kidnapped me to top it all off. My safety revolved around this entire situation, so I put up a mental block, separating the two halves of my brain. Time to suck it up, straighten my shoulders and lift my chin.

Slowly, Adam’s head tilted down as his eyes traveled over his arm until they came to a rest on me.

“Why not?”

Having not expected him to halt so easily, I balked.

“This conversation isn’t over,” I said, injecting a vial of steadiness mixed with firmness into my voice. When Adam simply rose a brow, I added somewhat hesitantly, “if you’re not going to come after me anymore, I think this is something we can work with.”

“This?” Now, his eyes flickered to the space between us and back to my face.

“Come on, it’s not rocket science. You made a pact with my boyfriend—you can make deals with me, too, you know.” Suggestively, I wiggled my brows.

“Sounds provocative.” Adam slung both thumbs through two belt loops.

I shook my head. “Strictly professional.”

“Let’s hear it.”

“I’m sure working under a mystery man—who in turn was working under your blackmailer—was stressful. I don’t have the time or energy to—”

Adam lifted a hand, palm facing me. “Are you suggesting that I start working for you?”

“Not for me, but with me.” 

Much to my disappointment, Adam let loose a deflated sigh. He shook his head.

“I would—but no. I can’t. I’ve resigned from my position as his personal assistant,” he snarled over the word, “he’ll come looking for me.”

It was my turn to gaze at him—expression contorted into that of a confused one.

“I thought you two were prohibited from meeting face-to-face?” I countered.

“When it comes to keeping his men in line, I’m sure he’ll do anything.” Adam’s eyes clouded over with thought. I thought I saw a dash of fear slice through his eyes.

“Where are you going to go?” I asked, still wary.

He shrugged, looking unsure of himself.

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