Chapter Twenty

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Brooke's POV

Justin froze, but quickly regained his posture and continued walking. He grabbed my hand tightly, trying to leave the restaurant.

"Brooke Santilli stop right there or I'll call the police!" Kiera yelled, stomping closer to us. Justin flinched before quickly turning around. All eyes in the restaurant were on us, making Justin shake in anger.

"Mind your own fucking business!" Blake spat, making all heads turn back to their meals.

My eyes finally met my sister's, her eyes glazed over in tears.

"Brooke," She whispered, running over to me. I started to cry too, outstretched my arms so she could mold herself into them. Her head rested on my shoulder, her tears lightly dripping on my shirt. "Brooke, I was so scared." She cried, clutching onto my t-shirt. I kissed the top of her head, my arms squeezing her tightly. "I thought you were dead!"

"Don't be scared, I'm alright, Kiera." I hushed her, carefully stroking back her light brown hair.

"Brooke," A deep voice called for me from behind. I pulled away from Kiera, her eyes already blazing with anger as she stared at him.

"So you're the psychopath that kidnapped Brooke." She snarled, pointing a finger at him. My eyes widened and I went to shut her up but Justin beat me to it.

"I don't think you'd be talking to me like that if you knew what I was capable of." Justin's voice was strong, full of authority as he stood tall. He was extremely intimidating - his tattoos just making him look a million times more like a bad ass. Kiera had great guts, I just hoped it wouldn't get her into trouble.

"Well, if you're such a bad ass I hope you don't mind me calling the police right now, yeah?" Kiera smirked. This girl was going to get herself in a lot of trouble.

"Kiera, stop." I begged. Justin tugged me closer to him, his arms forming a shield around my torso.

"I don't know what your waiting for, brat. Brooke is mine." He growled. I gulped, my eyes meeting Kiera's once again.

"Listen here bud-" Kiera lunged for Justin but luckily her boyfriend grabbed her by the waist and dragged her back.

"Jake, let me go!" She snarled, her eyes locked with Justin's.

"Kiera stop! You're gonna get yourself killed!" I cried, trying to reach out for her but Justin held me in place.

"Better get a tighter leash on your girlfriend, bud." Justin growled, his upper lip twitching up into a menacing snarl.

"Brooke, I love you." Kiera sobbed, still struggling in Jake's arms.

"I love you too Kiera." I whispered, Justin cringing at my words. I gave her a small smile. "I'm okay, don't worry about me."

"Don't worry about you?! Are you insane Brooke?!" She screamed. I flinched, no, I was only kidnapped by an insane person. I just wanted Kiera to leave. I wasn't a selfish person, I was in this mess, not her. If she said another threatening word, who knew what Justin would do.

"Kiera, please." I said quietly, shaking my head. My tears dripped down my cheeks, making them bright red.

"I'll make you a deal." Kiera offered, her determined gaze fixed on Justin. He narrowed his eyes, but nodded for her to continue. "If you let me have one day with my sister - only one - I won't call the cops or tell my parents where she is." My eyes widened at her offer, and I felt Justin suck in a breath from behind me.

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