Just Jokes.

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Chapter 54

Just Jokes !

Lisa p.o.v

Enrique stood in front of me looking down at my face, trying so hard to brake me out of my daze state.

I can't believe I just walked in on him doing drugs !

He can't even say he's a diabetic cause those people inject insulin in to their stomach.

I don't see any fucking Insulin bottle.

I wanted to cry. He never showed any sighs of him being on Drugs.

Or did he develop this problem while I was gone ?

Kyle and everyone else did say he became an emotional wreck when I left, maybe he turn to drugs for comfort?

So, all this is my fault!

I looked up at Enrique and he looked like he was trying his damn hardest not to smile.

"Are you fucking Serious?" I asked irritated.

He fell on the floor and started laughing his ass off, " Bae! Your facial expression is killing me. It's a prank bae it wasn't real." He laughed and I looked at him totally un amused.

He went in to the garbage can and took out the needle and clicked it.

"It's a pen." He chuckled, showing it to me.

It was indeed a pen, a weird looking pen. The needle's tip was the ball point, and the back was to bring the pen in and out.

" Why would you do that ! I was about to Kill you !" I said aggravated.

"I wanted to see your reaction," he shrugged kissing my cheek and grabbing Liam from my arms," Wassup Damien bruh." Enrique said calling Liam by his middle name and placing him on his hip.

"Why would you want to see my reaction? Are you considering doing drugs and preparing me now with that bullshit?" I questioned getting mad.

"No, I'm a diabetic and I poke myself with a needle every morning, so I wanted to see how'd you react seeing me poke myself. And Hell No I ain't considering Drugs my dad and brother would kill me for smoking or injecting any of the product in to myself.

"Any of the product ? What? And you're a diabetic ?"

"Yes I am. My mum keeps all the needles in her room and make sure I take my insulin every morning before she leaves like I'm some kid." He said annoyed as he played with Liam throwing him up in the air.

" Are you aware that even if you where testing me I could have put Liam on the floor and attacked your ass! Que ! The way it looked I fucking swear ! I just wanted to back hand you so hard you would have loss four inches off your dick. And Que, I'm not dumb, they inject insulin in to the stomach area not your fucking arm. Why did you tie that string around your arm ? Had me believing you are the most sexiest Herein or Crack addict I've ever seen that looks so normal."

He Shrugged, then a wicked smile appeared on his lips, " You wanted to attack me huh?" He asked placing Liam on his bed and pulled off his Shirt revealing his toned out chest, " Come attack me then."

I Laughed, and ran in to his arms jumping up and wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck and he supported me up with his hands on my ass.

" This is what you call attacking me ?" He asked with a smirk on his lips.

I bit his chest and he screamed like a little girl making me burst out laughing, he bit me back on my neck and instead of a scream a loud moan came out my mouth making Enrique chuckle.

He lowered his lips to mine an stayed an inch away from my face just looking straight in to my eyes.

"Kiss me you fool." I whispered and he smirked at me, but didn't move an inch.

"Oh gosh!" I said tired of his teasing and punched my lips against his, starting up a heated kissing session.

" My God !" I heard some one say and jumped out of Enrique's arm to my feet to see it was.

Dot stood at the Door eating Cheez-it crackers shaking his head.

"All I heard was a loud ass moan from downstairs, so y'all telling me y'all forgot about the infant on the bed? Trying to show him porn before he turn one ? My gosh." Dot said walking in the room Further and picking up Liam.

My face became Flustered and Enrique was chuckling behind me.

We did somehow manage to forget about Liam's presence.

"Y'all little horny asses! And oh Lisa, Your ass if freaking Fat ! My god ! Booty so nice." Dot said and Enrique started chuckling.

"Keep looking at her ass Dot, watch me fuck you up." Enrique said seriously.

Dot sucked his teeth and laughed walking out the room with Liam singing, " Lisa booty so fat ! Got my mind going round and round! That booty keep jumping up and down! God has blessed us young men with such a beautiful sightttt ohhhh woah woah!"

I couldn't help but laugh, and admit Dot had an amazing voice cause that sounded nice !

"Remind me to fuck him up later." Enrique said said as he picked me back up in to his arms.

I bit my bottom lip and nodded.

" Now where were we ?" He asked pushing his lips against mine.

[A/N] DID YALL ENJOY YALL CHRISTMAS PRANK ? Lol shit was hilarious to me ! But Yeah ! Don't you love this Couple ! Somebody is gonna die tho ! Lisa might just end up with Kyle ! Lmfaooo Nah I'm playing - Carmello. Haha , Anyways on the side is Ryan, Lisa, Enrique & Dot.

Also whose your favorite Character? I like Dot & Kyle lol !

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