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Me and Dre spent the whole night at his back yard beach. Time wasn't really on my mind either. We talked and talked and talked for a long time and enjoyed each others company until we both fell asleep on the warm sand. I found myself laying on his chest with his arms wrapped around me tightly. Being with Dre felt so peaceful and right to me and at this point I didn't know what we were doing or how me would exactly make it work , but I also didn't care because the way he made me feel inside meant everything to me.

My eyes opened to the bright sun beaming in my face I looked at Dre to see him still sleeping. He looked so good too I just wanted to kiss him, but that could wait till later on.

''Dre.''I said tapping him and sitting up. His eyes quickly fluttered open and of course he was smiling like always which caused me to do the same.

''I can get use to this.He said wrapping his arms around me once again.

''What? '' I said rubbing his back.

''Waking up to you.He said rubbing my thigh while I began to blush. ''What time is it?''He asked sitting up and wiping the sleep out his eyes. I checked my phone to see and once I did I was shook

''7:05 am '' I whispered to myself ''Dre , you gotta take me home now.I said eagerly. The last thing I needed was for ace to know I left the house at the time I did without telling him just to be with Dre .

''Alright , I will in a minute. Come inside with me I gotta pee . ''He said standing up.

I hope he wasn't Trynna try anything slick , because I had to hurry my ass up and get home before ace woke up and realized I wasn't there.

I nodded my head and walked with him to the inside of his house . As soon as we got in I seen his mother coming down the stairs dressed in her scrubs, I'm guessing she was on her way to work. My heart began to pound faster and faster by the second . Once again I was nervous as hell. I just hoped his mom didn't say anything bad to me.

''Good morning Deandre ....... Melody.''she said with a slight smile.

''Good Morning Ms Kendra ''I said rubbing my hands on my sweat pants I was nervous as hell.

''Good morning ma.''Dre said kissing his mom on the check and heading upstairs leaving me behind. I wanted to smack his ass dead in his face, why would he do that shit?

''Melody come in the kitchen with me.''Dre's mom said.

I nodded and followed her in the kitchen taking a seat at the dining room table. Dre's mom poured her a cup of coffee and added some sugar and cream to it. As she stirred the coffee in the cup her eyes began to look at me for a minute.

She sat across the table from me. ''Oh where are my manners, can I offer you anything baby?''She asked me.

I shook my head. ''No ma'am I'm fine.'' I said.

She nodded ''Long night?'' She said taking a sip from her mug.

I swallowed a lump in my throat ''No ma'am, me and Deandre were just hanging out on the beach and I guess we let time slip.''

She nodded her head. ''The beach in our backyard? It is nice right?''she said with a slight grin.

'' Yes ma'am it's beautiful, I love  it.'' I said thinking to myself where the hell is Dre I know it don't take that long to pee.

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