Chapter 1

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"Ugh. My head. Why does it hurt SO much?" You ask yourself as you wake up on what seems to be a frozen lake. Looking down at your clothing you seem to be wearing light blue leggings, a white t-shirt and are barefoot. You don't know why.

"Come on let's ditch your older sister and go ice skating."

"No, it's dangerous. We should stay with her."

"Who's there?" You ask after hearing a voice. You see two seven year old girls with a teenager about your age and run towards them. They walk right through you as they leave. You gasp in shock and look up to the moon for some reason.

"Tell me."


"I know you can hear me and that you know why that happens. So, tell me. Why?"


"Great!" You yell. "All I know is I died, somehow, came back to be a spirit of some kind, somehow, nobody can see me and now I'm talking to the moon." As you get more mad you start to explore to calm down. You see a large tree and sit at the bottom of it. The snow suddenly melts where you sit and turns to ice. You jump up in shock.

"Okay. This is, utterly terrifying, but I can't deny the curiosity." You say with a smirk. You walk across the ground and wherever you step frost forms.

"I wish the wind would just stop. "The wind stops.

"Um. Light breeze?" Suddenly the wind sweeps you off your feet into a tree.

"I said 'light' breeze." The wind picks you up and balances you with a view of everything surrounding the area. The beautiful colours of the northern lights catch your attention.

"Could you take me to the sorts of those lights, please?" You don't know why you want to but curiosity. You fly into a window banging your head as you land on your bum. Frost forms.

"Who are you?" A tall man asks in a thick Russian accent. It scares you a bit.

"Hi. I'm (Y/N). You are?"

"I'm Santa. But you can call me North." A feather covered lady appears behind you along with a short golden man.

"Hi, I'm Tooth and this is Sandman. AAAAHHHH you floss." She screams putting her fingers in your mouth.

"Tooth." North says.

"Sorry." Tooth says. That's when a giant kangaroo decided to walk in.


"Who's the kanga-"

"I'm a bunny, the Easter Bunny." He interrupts getting in your personal space.

"I'm (Y/N) and have you never heard of personal space?" You say pushing him out your face but accidently flinging him across the room with ice.

"Sorry. Really, sorry." You say running over to him, forgetting about the frost you create. "I'm standing in a room with the Easter Bunny, Sandman, Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus. I am fainting on the inside." You smile before noticing something. "Why is the moon shining on the 'G' there?"

"It means we are getting a new guardian. Come on (Y/N) you must watch." North says excitedly. Everyone surrounds the pedestal and you think who it might be, someone like the Groundhog or Cupid or-

You. Everybody is staring at you.

"What does this mean?"

"It means you are guardian." North sounds excited again, everybody claps, elves play instruments and you get picked up by a yeti.

"Will you (Y/N) protect..." You cut North off.

"STOP!" You yell letting ice surround you like an outer, protective shell. The yeti drops you as the ice disappears and once again stares fill the room as you fly off...

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