01 | how it started

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"they're so cute." riley matthews admired the beautiful, dark colored hair female as she comfortably sat on top of the handsome, tall, dirty blonde's lap. she had him captivated. he looked at her so lovingly that it almost made you believe they were married. now, for maya hart it had the opposite effect.

"..that it makes me wanna puke." she rolled her ocean colored blue eyes as she pierced a strawberry with her fork and placed it into her mouth.

"are you jealous?" isadora smackle teased her blonde friend raising a single eyebrow. which triggered her boyfriend, farkle minkus, to look over at the duo.

"maya has just been in love with lucas since we've been in middle school. everyone knows well besides lucas." he chuckled as he sat back and put his arm around isadora.

"oh you know nothing, dr. farklestein." maya rolled her eyes as she peaked back over her shoulder and couldn't help but want him. she wanted him with her. she internally sighed before turning back around and poking another berry.

"hey, pretty girl." a familiar voice greeted which caused them all to turn their heads towards, zay babineaux, as he kissed riley's cheek.

"hi." the brunette giggled as her cheeks turned a bright pink color. she tucked a piece of hair behind her ear as her boyfriend pulled up a chair next to her and reached for a strawberry in the blondes bowl.

"riley, get your boyfriend!" maya gawked as she tried to slap zay's hand away from her food. just as riley was about to reply, maya's heart dropped as she felt eyes on her.

"we were thinking of going to the movies tonight since it's friday." lucas friar's voice was so distinct that maya knew it from miles away. "we were wondering if you guys wanted to go?"

maya silently cursed under her breath. this is what sucked about being a seventh wheel to three couples and she knew her friends were thinking about her too.

"uh. i can see if charlie wants to come?" riley offered.

"ill call josh if you want." veronica bells looked over at the blonde.

"i don't need you guys setting me up with people just because im the single friend. also what would a senior guy like josh want with me." maya rolled her eyes as she sat up from her seat.

"so ill call charlie." riley shrugged as she grabbed her phone which rested on the table in front of them.

"why charlie?" lucas groaned as his dislike for the dark haired male seem to grow throughout the school years.

"shut up, luc." ronnie whispered to lucas as she hit him lightly. "we'll meet up at 9 o'clock then decide what movie to watch."

"i got to get yearbook early to work on my pages. ill talk to charlie. see you, peaches." riley sat up and kissed her best friend on the cheek before pulling zay with her. he gave his friends a wave as he left with her.

"maya and i have english next hour which is half way across the school." the blonde male looked over at maya which made her heart ache for him.

"okay. you should go now before the bell rings so you don't get caught in hallway traffic." ronnie looked at lucas and planted a kiss on his lips before pulling herself away from the male. she waved bye to her boyfriend as she sat next to farkle.

lucas looked over at maya and wrapped an arm around her.

"come on, hart. let's goooo." he chuckled and maya rolled her eyes even though she was dying inside. her crush had his arm around her any girl would die. even though he didnt seem to pay attention.

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