Chapter 42

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Sorry about the wait again guys, I really am, but I’ve had a lot of work this week, and with writing four stories at once things get pretty hectic.

I won’t keep promising that I’ll update more, but I’ll try :)


I’d gone to sleep again fairly early that night, in an attempt to avoid my mum and Derrick entirely. After a couple of phone calls from my dad that I didn’t want to answer, I soon turned my phone off too.

Waking up the next morning was almost a load off – considering I wouldn’t have to be in the house all day with them. I was slowly discovering that my mum didn’t work half as much as she once made out.

Suzy dropped me, Midge, Sierra, Haley and Kay all off in the parking lot at school, and we thanked her and soon walked off. As we were walking up to the building, I could feel my nerves building up inside of me.

I looked around, edgy, and more and more people were looking over at me. Well, I guessed I was the new girl. Pretty soon, they all came running up to our group and greeting Midge and her friends as I walked beside them without saying a single word.

Midge directed me to the reception office, before giving me a hug and walking off in the direction of her friends and homeroom. I sort of just stood by the reception window, waiting for someone to come along to send me off to wherever it was that I was supposed to be.

I stood, humming to myself and looking all around me as I heard a door open behind me, and a receptionist walked out and sat behind her desk. She looked up with arrogant anticipation for me to introduce myself.

“Uhh, I’m…I’m new here and-”

“Charlotte Sanders?”

I nodded.

“Room 404, upstairs and to the first right.”

I looked down at my blatant broken leg, hoping that she’d notice and offer me some sort of assistance, but no. Overall, I’d had a very warm welcoming indeed.

She handed me a piece of paper that had written on it my schedule and sent me off hastily. I had no idea where to go, and so I sort of lingered by the front of the double doors leading out of the area.

“Push” she called out to me as though I was mentally incompetent.

Biting my tongue, I pushed through the doors and attempted to navigate my way through the school. Wandering around for a staircase, I began to look through each classroom door to see if I could see Midge, Sierra, Haley or Kay in any of them.

Eventually, as I found the staircase, the bell sounded. Further disorientated, I limped over to the side as teenagers started pouring out of each door that lined the hallway walls.


At first, I thought that the fact I’d heard someone call my name was nothing. But, as I heard it again, I also felt a slight tap on my shoulder, to see Haley standing behind me.

“Are you alright?”

I shook my head. “I have no idea where anything is or where I’m going or how to interpret this stupid timetable!”

She smiled and laughed, taking the piece of paper from my hands.

“You have History first. With me, fortunately. Come on.”

I followed her down the corridor again.

“Luckily, we don’t have to climb any stairs this morning” she chirped as I followed behind her as fast as I could limp with my cast. “And this class isn’t so bad.”

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