First Kiss - Sebastian Vettel

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Hi Loves and Welcome to my first ever F1 one Shot :)

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I'm definitely more excited than ever

Want to know why?

CAUSE MY FREAKING SEXY AND UNIQUE BOYFRIEND IS FINALLY COMING FOR HOLIDAAAAAAAAYS.... GOD I'm so excited that I can't even Breath. I woke up 2hours ago but I just couldn't get up because I can't Believe Seb is finally coming.... Last Time I saw him was in Mexico when he invited me and my Family to the Grand Prix. It was awesome we had a lot of fun and we celebrated his podium with Ferrari. Oh GOD it was so so so fun... I can't wait to see those beautiful blue eyes, that handsome smile and that voice. Can't wait to feel his embrace more than anything and more important than ever, I can't wait to finally kiss him. And YES I've said FINALLY kiss him. Let me explain this: We are dating for one month now (and it has been one month since we saw each other for the last time). We meet for a long time, but he invited me to Mexico to finally reveal his love for me in front of all my family, all his family and friends AND TEAM, AND FUCKING DRIVERS... How awesome is this? I know it sounds exciting but after that they never left us alone during the trip, and my dearest sister made her efforts to avoid THE KISS to happen. It might sound like unreal or like a joke but it really happened. The only kiss we gave was when we were video calling each other. Our phones and computers are the "little helpers" here. But this week I'm going to finally see my beautiful angel and relieve all my kisses anger I just hope He's freaking ready for me. Did I already said that today we celebrate one month dating? OH! Lord! I can't stop smiling I feel so happy and so blessed after all...

"Why you still there pretending that you're sleeping?" Valerie's bitchie mood is on Today.

"Val, get a life please" I've responded calmly, no one can ruin my mood today.

"Valerie leave your sister alone. I'm tired of telling you to respect your elder sister." My mom came behind her and I could see Val rolling her eyes. "Ari darling, get up, Need your help with those reports." I smiled and nodded. I promised that I would help her with her reports since she helped me with mine. I was already enjoying my Holidays until January and after closing this she would be too just like dad. But the most important this was Seb coming this Week... I couldn't avoid my smile when I finally went downstairs after taking my shower and do my morning hygiene. I wore my grey pants, Seb's Grey Hoodie which he left with me in Mexico, with a black sweater inside, my super warm socks and decided to wear my Addias red wine sneakers just to keep me warm because it was very very cold. I Went directly to the kitchen to eat my pancakes and then started to help my mom. We were almost at the end when I've decided to check my phone for the first time this morning.

"He's not going to call you 'sis'". I heard Valerie saying and it didn't sound funny at all. It was just sarcastic. "You're welcome" she looked at me smiled and returned her attention to the TV.

"What"? Was the only thing I was able to say.

"Valerie shut your mouth" she said biting her own teeth.

"Mom" I've said like a question... Something was wrong and I was the only one who didn't knew. "Dad". Not even my dad was able to say something.

"He's not coming" My mom said and I could feel how painful she felt for telling me that. "I'm so sorry Honey..." I was still confused she tried to touch me but I ducked.

"What happened?" I've asked more concerned than before.

"I told him to not come because he was acting like a real prick. Going out with other girls, the internet going crazy and making you dream about him... so I told him to let you go cause he doesn't love you and you're suffering and you don't want him anymore" Now everything made sense. It's been 4 days that he doesn't call me and I was getting worried after all it was this stupid kid's Fault"


"Darling calm down" My dad said trying to reach me but I ducked him.

"Dad don't touch me" I've looked him in the eyes and he understood that I ANGRY FURIOUS AND DANGEROUS. "You are always defending Valerie when she does shit even more when the shit is with me now don't come with the Calm down Arianna because I'm not going to calm myself down. Even you knew about this mom? I could you? You know how much I love Sebastian and you just did this?" I shook my head defeated and left.

"Honey, where are you going? Honey I'm sorry" it was the last thing I've heard when I was leaving. And now it's been 4 hours since I left. I'm just here, sitting on this beautiful sand in front of this beautiful beach of Los Angeles observing how slow and strong the waves were. The sun shining beautifully but the cold temperature was still stronger. Only Seb's warm hoodie was making me warm...

My beautiful Seb... My blue eyed Angel, my Love. Wish I could be with him right now, that's all...

"Prinzessin Ari" the accent, the voice, the cheeky smile I could feel everything through his voice while I got up to finally face him... HOW THE FUCK IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE, GOD ARE YOU LISTENING? FUCK YEAH YOU ARE! THANK YOU SO MUCH... OMG... I finally looked and him and he was smiling all adorable and angelical. His blue eyes were shining more than I ever seen; his smile could light up this entire city and the world. His hairy was very sexy haircut dressed all in black with a matching hoodie.

"What are you doing here"? Ok I know I was supposed to me romantic but I can't forget what happened.

"After Valerie told me everything she did she hung up the phone and I never had the opportunity to explain that the girls we were going out with me were actually my sister and my PR. I didn't get that much worry cause My girlfriend knew it so I kept the flight for today and I told your parents but after what Valerie told them they didn't want to listen... so I had to risk everything and follow my heart... that's what I did...

"How did you find me"? He smiled and got closer making me feel all irradiation of my body... I felt parts of my body waking up and it was seriously GOOD when he finally touched my cheek with his half cold hand to remove this hair strand sending shivers to different parts of my body. I felt like a TV gaining signal.

"Because when we went to the beach in Mexico, you told me the Beach was your favorite place, just after my arms".

"That's a big ass lie" I've said pretending to feel insulted.

"It is?" he asked getting closer and closer. "I Love You Arianna". He said looking lovingly at me removing strands of my hair from my face. I felt his strong body against mine when he wrapped his arms around me still looking at me carefully like he was analyzing everything in me. My heart was beating fast just because of feeling him so close to me... and then BAM we kissed... it was slow, it was hot, and it was romantic... God it was PERFECT. In seconds our tongues were dancing in a sexual rhythm and I was feeling Seb hand's slowly strolling on my back. We stopped kissing I couldn't avoid to bit my bottom lip when he started kissing my check, coming down to my chin, my neck... What was he doing? OMG I couldn't avoid to feel turned on when I felt his tongue... HE WAS LEAVING FUCKING SEXY HICKIES... Jesus... then he finally stopped and we kissed again... Our bodies talking everything they needed at this moment, our mouths showing everything we needed... "I love you" he said when we both finally looked at each other again.

"I Love you my angel" I smiled and he gave me a peck

"Happy one month Prinzessin Ari" he smiled and gave a beautiful rose.

The End 


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