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heres another update because im great

That was the last time he ever saw his parents, the last time he would touch his mother or look at his father. Ezra didn't know this, he thought they would return in a few months. He had know idea exactly what they were running from. They didn't know how deadly and savage the beasts trying to track his parent's were. 

So it was like his soul had been pulled apart by two hands when he woke up the next morning with cracked eyelids and dried tears, and found his father's beta sitting there, his head in his hands.

As soon as Ezra saw him, he knew what happened. It seemed as if he had cried out all the liquid, but even more tears emerged from the corners of his eyes, as he shook his head.

"N-no, n-no, it can't be...." He stuttered in disbelief, looking up the the old man in anticipation for reassurance.

Of course non was received expect a heartbroken head shake and eyes that casted to the ground.

"They were attacked last night by-" The beta tried to explain.

"No! Get out! Get out! Now!" Ezra furiously yelled, throwing his hands everywhere. He was consumed with anger at the fact that they let his parents go out by themselves. He found himself getting light headed. In his peripheral vision he saw the man with raised hands trying to come close and comfort him.

"Get out!" Ezra violently threw his hand and pointed towards the door, his voice was much deeper and filled with rage. The beta swore he saw the boy's eyes turn red, as he backed away and stumbled out the door, leaving Ezra alone.

Ezra looked around his room. It was perfectly clean and in order. His books were against the shelves placed in alphabetical order, and his pencils were perfectly placed on his desk.

Everything seemed so normal, like it was just another day, as if nothing had happened.

But it wasn't. His parents had died. The only people he thought he would ever love were gone, suddenly ripped from his life. It wasn't fair! He had absolutely no one now.

Ezra felt his claws elongate from his fingers, a little painful, as it had never happened before. He had never shifted, but now he didn't care whether he did or not. He was just mad, so mad. He wanted to release it. To let go. 

His vision was clouded over, and all he heard were angry voice in his head filling him with crazy illusions. Canines extended from his mouth, cutting his lips and spilling blood over his pearly whites.

Excess hair started appearing all over his body, arms, and legs. He felt himself start to grow bigger, taller. His clothes were stretching and ripping, the sounds of seams popping apparent throughout the room. His muscles starts to painfully throb and mutate into something larger.

His spine cracked with a defining sound and forced Ezra down onto all fours. He yelled in pain his claw hand grabbing the carpet. But his fingers soon started to become one, until he looked down and saw he had paws. His legs became short, like hind legs. And his arms bursted with muscle, and became his fore legs.

Pain ricochetted all over his body, and he cursed that he had no-one here with him. He remembered when he was younger his parent's promising that they would be there for his first shift.

But they weren't.

They were dead.

Anger course through his veins like hot lead. Ezra felt a guttural feeling form in his throat, and when reopened his jaw to alleviate it, a tremendous, powerful howl escaped from his mouth.

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