Chapter 5

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Chapter 5 Drake POV

I knew something was wrong after 10 minutes of leaving Icy alone. I dashed upstairs and kicked my door open to find an empty room. I glanced around wildly, looking to see if my angel was still here. Her scent lingered but she was nowhere to be found. I fell to my knees in grief and my wolf wasn't making it any better.

'MATE! GO FIND MATE! ' his screams bounced around in my head, so heart wrenchingly sad I had to block him out because it was too painful. My heart was squeezing painfully from the loss of my mate. I know I sound like a girl, but I lost the only thing that could make me happy. She basically rejected me when she ran away from me the first two times, but I will not give up.

I stood up new determination flooding my veins. I will find my mate and once I get her back I will punish her for leaving me, but love her for all eternity. Since I marked her I should be able to track her through the bond. My inner wolf barked happily, knowing he will have his mate once again. I searched through my mind anything that would help me track her. I tried to get through her mind block but it was like this wall was blocking me out. After 10 minutes of trying I gave up, frustrated. I just couldn't find another way to track her.

'Hey dumbass you can track her by smelling out her scent' my wolf said in his sarcastic tone. Oh yeah! I'm so glad I have a smart wolf sometimes. I went over to the bed I had chained her to. I guess that didn't help me in my case of being a 'loving mate', my wolf scoffed at that You think! I started to sniff around looking around for something strong enough to match her scent. I sniffed the pillow cases finding her lavender and blueberry scent left over on it. Jumping out of the window, I followed the scent on the outskirts of the forest into the city beyond it. I followed it all the way to a little apartment building, noticing the bike in front of the building. Climbing the stairs, I found one of the doors that had Icy's faint scent on it. I knocked on the door hoping it wasn't too late.

(AN: I would have ended here but it was really short so I will make it longer)

I knocked on the door, sweat clamping on my upper brow. I can't believe I was this nervous to meet my mate. I heard a few locks turn and a beautiful girl with red hair and green eyes appeared, her eyes filled with hate and disgust. I was shocked, how could someone hate me already just by opening the door. I tried to rack my brain to see if I knew this girl from somewhere, like if I hook up with her somewhere. My thoughts were interrupted when the door slammed in my face. Okay now that was just rude. I knocked on the door again, this time more forcefully hoping to talk to the mysterious girl. This time I heard a long string of curses from the girl and a long sigh before the door was pulled open. The girl crossed her arms over her chest and narrowed her eyes.

"Did you need help with something," her voice was full of venom. I stared at her in shock, how someone could hate me so much.

"Umm yes I was wondering if an Icy Fae lived here" I say nervously hopping that the girl would just cooperate. There was a long awkward silence before she answered.

"Nope," was all her answer, "Now if you have nothing else to say," she made the shooing motion with her hands and turned around to go back inside. She was about to close the door when my arm shot out and held it in place. I had enough of this girl's attitude, I needed to know why she hated me the way she did.

"What is your problem, girl?" I asked her frustration clearly evident in my tone. She just stared at me refusing to say anything that had justified her actions. "What have I ever done to you!?"


Is he motherfucking serious? What has he done to me? I just can't deal with him right now. I was all relaxed in my bed when this dick decided it would be nice to visit. My wolf was growling at me to let her at him. I loathe him so much right now words cannot describe what I am feeling. He just keeps pestering me with questions, until I just explode.

"What have you done to me? Well let's see you chained me to a bed, knocked me out in the middle of the forest where you bit me on my neck, you kidnapped me on my first day here. Don't you realize that I don't want you as a mate, hell I don't want a mate at all. You are ruining my life and my wolf's just by being here. I'm sorry if that upsets you but honestly I don't care." I say my anger fueling the words that tumble out of my mouth. Sometime after my long speech my words actually register in my mind. Oh shit. I look up and see Drake smiling like he won a million dollars and in this situation it just looks creepy. I slowly back away from him and every step I take away from him he just takes two more. Soon I feel my back hit a wall and I'm cornered. I hate being cornered. Now since he invaded my personal space he leans in to whisper in my ear.

"I always knew I would find you again, mate" Double oh shit

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