Chapter 8

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As Aaron walked towards me I noticed my hands were sweating and my heart felt like it will just burst out. As he got closer I kept moving back until my back hit the door.Way to go Emma. My conscience was really not helping.
" ummm Aaron please I'm very sorry please don't kill me." Way to go Emma .Now he will surely kill you. He pressed his body close to mine. I could feel his hardened chest against mine and the heat coming from his body. He's breath fanned my face as he spoke.
"May I ask what you are doing in my clothes ?"
" umm you see there was no change of clothe so I borrowed it. don't worry I'll wash it and return it."."And what if I don't want you to return it.." his words made me to meet his eyes causing me to notice the amusement in his eyes. way to go now you look like a lost puppy in his eyes.
"I like my cloth on you." he said as he nestled in the crook of my neck. my breathing hitched and I bit back the moan that was trying to escape. I can't let this happen . I never let a guy this close to me. He bit my neck and a moan escaped my lips. what are you doing he is going to think you are cheap. I was really loving his lips on my body but I summoned courage and pushed him away from me.
"what's wrong".
"you are what's wrong you can't just go around touching me like you own me."
"hey, didn't mean to make you mad. I'm sorry if I crossed the line. a smile appeared on my face . At least he was being a gentleman.
"But you know you loved it. I think I said that shit about gentleman too early. I pushed him back and went out the room. I was still confused which door to follow until Aaron came out and showed me. we made our way downstairs and into the home theatre.
" what movie do you want to watch?" Aaron asked.
" well let's see. 66 park avenue."
" that movie is creepy I hope you know."
" yea I can handle creepy." the truth is I hate any thing that could make my heart leap.except Aaron. leave it to my conscience to ruin my thoughts. yea I liked Aaron but I give myself three days and it'll dwindle. as the movie commenced I was excited.I had a bowl of popcorn, can of sodas and three packs of skittles. five minutes into the movie I was already scared. I scooted over to Aaron who didn't seem to notice my discomfort. I was going to make it to the end. Some hours later as the movie finished and the names of the cast rolled up I looked at the clock and it was 12am on the dot. I heard a noise from the kitchen. this was exactly the time people usually get murdered. Different scenarios where going through my head and I didn't hear Aaron calling me.I felt myself being pulled to a hard chest. I felt myself visibly relax as I snuggled closer to Aaron.
"I knew you couldn't handle creepy." he whispered into my hair. we sat down like that for like thirty minutes before Aaron decided It was time to go to bed. as we made our way upstairs Aaron walked into his room. how could he leave me like this. he knows am scared and he just walked into his room without even saying goodnight. I made my way to my bed and snuggled under the covers. I kept looking around frantically I felt that the coast was clear and let myself to be slowly lured to sleep. just then I heard a noise. I jumped out of bed. I made my way over to Aaron's room. as I neared the door the power went out. a screeching scream left my mouth as I coiled up against the wall. imaginations ran through my mind and the fact that the light wasnt coming on and Aaron was no where. as I was saying my last prayer I felt a hand wrap around me. I screamed at the top of my lungs.
"shhhh it's ok baby I'm here now." I heard Aaron's soft voice whisper in my ear as I held him as though life depended on it.
" th-'re-was -some-o-one Dow-n there. " my voice came out raspy making me realize I was crying
"shhhh let's get you In bed." I couldn't see cause one it was Dark and my eyes were a blur cause of the tears. Aaron noticed this and picked me up bridal style. I snuggled into his neck and sniffed him. yes I did it. I sniffed so what. it's not my fault that he smells soooo good. Aaron walked into my room and slowly laid me on the bed. I was still clutching his shirt.
"please don't go I whispered'
"Don't worry you can't get rid of me that easily' he chuckled. I released ny hold on him. I felt him move away from me. I was already feeling scared since it was still dark and I couldn't feel Aaron. just when I was about to get out of bed. I felt the bed dip and warm hands circle my waist to pull me against a muscular but comfortable chest. I flipped over so I could snuggle my face into his neck.
" it seems you like my body way more than you let on." I couldn't see his face but knew there was definitely a smirk on that fine face. did I just say fine? ? I meant good you know he has a well sculptured faced and he could pass for a model. just shut up will you. I shook my head as though the thought would disappear.
"you wish, it's just for this night. I won't accept a Million dollars just to touch your body."
yea sure whatever floats your boat."
" Goodnight beautiful was the last thing I heard, wait let me rephrase that I think it was the last thing I heard before I drifted into the most blissful sleep. I think I would need more than three days to stop my crush for Aaron cause I was falling hard and there was nothing to hold unto.

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