⇓ Chapter Thirty Five Choice Two : Leave

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⇓ Chapter Thirty Five Choice Two : Leave

" . . Leave."

Although she should have been released from the chains of the past by confessing the truth to her friend, it didn't mean that all those other graves would forgive her for it. Ever since they was separated in this very village and took a trip only to end up back here again, she had been able to focus on duties that were important to herself and only herself. Who knew what Miki was thinking during those times she had her privacy? Who could say if she was forgiven just by talking?

No one. Because they were all dead, silenced and unable to hand out their opinion. If she were to truly prove her regret, well, actions were louder than words. She could leave, cut off all her ties with the people she had known all her life. It would be fitting. Riulcendea would cease to exist. No one would suffer, and no one would hunt her down. Kurotane Piko would be free to do as he pleased.

" . . . Princess, is that what you truly wish to do?"


As if by telepathy, Kurotane Piko understood what that one word meant. Despite this, he did not offer any argument. Their voices faded away as the unfortunate reality set in. There was still a rebellious part trying to force its way out of the wall she enforced within her, but reason triumphed shortly after. She had been selfish during the first part of her life, she cannot afford to be selfish now. The first step would be . .

"Piko, do you wish to start a new life?"

" . . I don't know."

"It'll be better for you not to be dragged down by me. No one will hunt you down anymore if I'm gone."

She knew it was a pathetic of her, hoping that Piko would try and convince her to keep on staying awake, but surely it'll fade soon. When strings of silence weaved a wall between them, she finally spared Piko a glance. He could help her with this favor. No one in the world would blame him for going through what she was proposing.

" . . . So be it."

The tone of voice he was using sounded as if he was putting a stop to the thoughts in his head. He looked back at her, and promptly marched off into the village after standing up without bothering to pick up his tail. Feeling equal parts of nervousness and hesitance, Riulcendea trod after him. After a while, they entered a familiar looking house that had once been the cage that ensnared a particular somebody.

Riulcendea seated herself on a comfortable chair while Piko remained standing. After making sure that she wasn't going to budge, he left after a goodbye. Riulcendea stared at his tail that he had left trailing on the ground ever since they left the graveyard.

No chance for her to chase after it again. She had relied on him enough.


__________ knew she was staying in this dream world permanently as her thoughts came back in pieces as well as her body. Darkness was all around her, and there was nothing noteworthy to inspect. There was no more light tunnel to crawl through, just pitch black as far as she could see. The terrain was flat and she could walk anywhere if only she knew where to go.

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