Chapter 18- Friendship

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Quote of the day: "Loving someone without even knowing it is complex".

-Munich, Germany
Avelyn Perez


"Avelyn...can I call you Avelyn?" Clara asked and I gave her a small smile.

"Yes you can", I replied gently. I stopped scrolling through my phone and gave her my undivided attention. Not that I was sucking up to her but out of simple kindness and of course, manners.

She smiled too sweet for my opinion. "How old are you?"

"I am twenty one", I replied truthfully. Her eyes widened and she snapped her head to Ian. Who was busy texting and seemed to be in one of his foul moods according to his facial expression.

"I am surprised. I am twenty nine and I'm still studying", she boasted.

I wanted to shrug and not care but I wouldn't want to seem impudent. "Some of us have different aspirations. Mine took me just a few years of studying and the rest of my life working", I said smoothly. Ian peaked his eyes up from his phone and regarded me before he ventured back to texting.

Clara hummed with a bitter-sweet expression. "What made you work at Elliot's? Or I might ask furthermore, how did Ian choose you?" Silence had befallen upon us and Ian sighed breaking the eerie atmosphere. "I mean, you are very young", she added.

"Would you believe that I was rejected on my first day? Ian himself rejected me. Until he saw my work at a function, only then he decided to offer me a job". I heard a beep on my phone and I mumured an excuse before checking it.

-It's finally a good morning now that you've decided to text me...can I ask you out for brunch?

I smiled deeply as I read his text. He inserted smiling and heart emojis with the words and it made me want to grin.

-I'll have to apologetically decline that offer. I'm on my way to work and I'm not sure when I'll finish...besides, I've made myself some breakfast.

I looked up to see Ian staring at me with fiery eyes.

And here the glaring battle continues...

My phone beeps again and I couldn't help but smile.

-Such a shame...I was hoping I'd make you something delicious at my bistro down town, but not to worry. How about dinner? Tonight at eight sharp...I'll pick you up. What say?

I bit my lip contemplating whether to agree or not when suddenly, Ian burst out in a foul word. "Fuck!" He exclaimed and I shot my head up to him. His eyes shifted from me and then to my...


I let go of the flesh I'd been nervously biting and bent my head. Anger then settles in my stomach as I realised that he was just the same like other men. They never could think of women for other purposes. I controlled my temper and decided to have dinner with Draven.

-I'd love too...Condo 32 Hotel and Resort...I'll be in the lobby waiting.

Draven replied instantly with grinning emojis.

-Great! Yes!!! Finally I get to take you out...okay, gorgeous. I'll see you tonight.

I chuckled almost silently. Clara then began speaking openly to Ian who busied himself with his phone and I went back to my web surfing.


-Truncabead Estate

We arrived to the Truncabead estate, where the vast land of pastures and fields were on either side of a large mansion. Also known as Mr. Truncabead's head office. The German mansion was like a palace both inside and outside. I fell in love with the interior design and how rustic it all had been pieced together. I sat awaiting Mr. Truncabead to start the meeting. Clara had left for another stop by which Ian directed.

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