Chapter 17- Taken

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Dedicated to tishanaragoo

Quote of the day: "We often try our best to deny our true feelings, but what we also deny ourselves of is an opportunity for true love".

-Munich, Germany
Avelyn Perez

-Ozìl Restaurant & Lounge

"You need to eat", Ian said whilst closing his laptop. "Join me as I had planned to introduce you to the German cuisine". He glanced at me before opening his door and getting out. I exhaled and tried to reassure myself that I would remain calm however, I was just holding in the emotions before I break down. The door on my end opened and I was glad that it wasn't Ian, the bulky bodyguard escorted me out. I thanked him with a smile and strutted ahead towards the grand wooden entrance of the restaurant.

The entrance was of a dome shape, carved wooden structures lined with vines and greenery which brought that earthy effect. I reminded me of Italy however the appeal was spectacular. I entered and met with an usher, a tall slender woman in a pink suit, who lead me to where Ian was seated. What shocked me was that there wasa model like woman next to him. Both were enjoying themselves in a conversation that seemed to be too good to not get closer to each other. The blonde woman with her perfectly painted face, a soft jawline, big lips, round blue eyes and her attire looked way too opulent for my simple eyes. I sighed and tried to control the feelings whirling inside seeing Ian openly flirt with her.

Why fret Avelyn? He's a player afterall...there's no loving when it comes to him. Just one taste and goodbye...they are all the same...

As I came near the table, I saw Ian slip his hand around her waist bringing her close to him. "Clara, this is Avelyn Perez. My interior designer", Ian introduced and I faked a smile at the two.

Wait...Clara, isn't she the woman Ian asked Draven about? is has to be!

She glanced at me and quirked an eyebrow. "You've failed to mention how much of a natural beauty she is", to which she ignores me and glances at Ian. Ian smirked at her before leaning in and pecking her cheek. The gesture suddenly stops my world and everything seemed to be in black and white. My heart breaks and I had to control myself before I burst into tears. In that moment, I realised that my feelings for Ian have grown stronger and it was affecting me. What I had feared was coming to happen and I was all to blame for it.

"Umm, I am sorry if I am interrupting but can I excuse myself? I think the jetlag is kicking in and I really won't like to disturb such a wonderful lunch with my silly complaints", I feigned sick and stood. I noticed Ian looked at me fully this time and I saw an emotion flash in his eyes before they turn stone cold.

"Do as you wish", he says and looks away. I bent my head and excused myself before exiting the restaurant. Tears sprang free as I turned my back on him...

It hurted so much...this thing called love. I regretted every minute of it with him...the pain I was bearing was too much for me to condone. I never felt this way, even when my father passed away, I was stronger than now.

The bodyguard noticed my current situation to which he bent his head and held the door open for me. I figured they knew what hotel Ian and I were supposed to stay at so I just got into the car and remained silent as the tears flowed.


-Condo 32 Hotel & Resort

"Right this way, ma'm", the manager of the hotel guided me. I was amazed at the rich velvety colours of the interior. Lovely draperies adorned the windows, cascading down the walls in its great mass. The dark wooden parqueted floor contrasted with the soft, suave hues of the walls and the wise selection of the furniture. The suit comprised of a small kitchen which allowed the average amount of cooking, two bedrooms with its own individual bathrooms and a living room with an entertainment set.

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