Chapter 23

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Jungkook's POV

The moment my phone rang and Baekhyun told me that Taehyung enrolled into hospital, my heart stopped for a moment. I told Namjoon hyung and he told the rest of the group.

Upon hearing the news, Jin hyung almost fainted. Yoongi hyung's eyes were wide in alarm. Hobi hyung was freaking out. Jiminie hyung called the manager and requested to have a schedule in Australia as soon as possible.

While me, on the other hand. Was this close to just buying a ticket and flying to Australia to hug Taehyung. I know, we just met. And we barely know each other.

But there's this certain connection in me that feels that Taehyung is special. Right now isn't technically the time to think about this though. I'm really worried about him and I'm sure everyone else is as well.

After the call Jimin hyung made. He informed us that manager hyung agreed after much persuasion and begging. "When are we flying over?" Jin hyung asked and everyone looked at Jimin hyung too, including me.

"Two days later. Manager hyung said it was the earliest schedule he could find that fits into our schedule. They'll announce it as Bangtan surprise visit to Australia and we'll be staying there for about four days." Jimin hyung explained.

I hugged him and thanked him for making the call. And in return, I got a half smile. Which I could figure out why, Taehyung's in hospital. That's freaking why.

"Alright guys, we'll have to pack our bags now. Our flight is in twp days." Namjoon hyung said. Everyone else nodded and went into their room to pack their bags.

-Two Days Later-

Me and hyungs were waiting to land on Australia in about a few more minutes. The last two days, my mind has been filled with thoughts about a certain someone.

I also called Baekhyun hyung the past two days to get notified about Taehyung everyone chance I get. Baekhyun just told me that Taehyung has been unconscious since he enrolled and that me worry even more.

"Kookie-ah, its ok. Tae's going to be ok." Jimin hyung tried to comfort me. Although I could see right through his mask that he was really worried too. But I nodded, Yeah, Tae's going to be fine. I reassured myself. He's gonna be fine.

"Ladies and Gentleman... You've currently landed on Australia. Please take your luggage with you. Do not leave anything behind." The pilot said and we took our luggage from the storage above us. 

"Let's go." Namjoon hyung stated firmly and we nodded. Climbing down the stairs and into the airport, thousands of fans were there to greet us and we smiled sincerely, touched that even though it's a sudden announcement they still came to welcome us to their country.

We winked and smiled at some particulars fans who were holding up banners with our names on it. One banner caught my attention though. 'Vkook.' It read and my heart clenched tightly against my chest.

Baekhyun also told me that Taehyung actually lost his memories 4 years ago and it was a hard time for Taehyung. He tried really hard to remember but he couldn't. It hurts Baekhyun hyung as he already knew Taehyung before he lost his memory but to have your best friend suddenly forget about you must be painful.

Trying my best to not frown, I did some fanservice with Jimin hyung before the security guards escorted us to our van. The moment I boarded the bus, I sighed lightly. "Kook, you ok?" Namjoon asked worriedly. I hesitantly nodded slightly before turning my head to look out the window.

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