An Extraordinary Tree

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December 24th 1964

It's the day before Christmas. It's a nice winters day in December in lovely London. The night has covered the streets, houses and everything on and around it with a nice white blanket of snow.

Smoke is coming from some of the chimneys and a few lights burning inside are shown from some windows while some other houses are still dark.

The streets are still quiet besides from some of the early birds walking the dog or just enjoying the crisp snowy morning air.

One of those quiet and still dark houses belongs to four Liverpool lads. The four friends share a house and are way too comfy in their soft warm beds to get up at all.

They are sound asleep with their messy mop tops tussled on their soft comfy pillows.

After a busy schedule the day before they had celebrated their upcoming free time during the Christmas season with staying up way too late and maybe drinking 'a bit' too much.

"HATSJOE!" it suddenly sounds from one of the bedrooms and disturbs the peaceful silence in the shared Beatles household. The loud sneeze is followed by the sound of someone trying to sniff away his snotty nose and some coughing.

"Fuck Macca..." John grumps disturbed from his peaceful slumber "...could you keep it down please...and perhaps blow your nose...?" he complains trying to push the snotty bassist out of the bed.

"Johohn..." Paul whines and sniffs even more "'s cold outside the bed..." he complains after sticking out his foot, but quickly pulling it back underneath the warm blanket.

"I know, but it sounds disgusting..." John complains some more, too tired to care or realize how crappy Paul is feeling and pushes him a bit harder so the poor bassist falls out of the bed onto the cold carpet with a loud thud.

Paul curses under his breath with shivers running down his spine as he walks over to the bathroom while hugging himself to get a bit warmer.

After blowing his nose, which costs some more complains coming from the bed, Paul relieves himself in the loo and then walks back to the bed.

While he is walking over to the bed he notices the white little dots falling down from the dark sky through a little opening between the curtains.

He walks over to the window and pulls the curtain away a bit more.

"Johnny!!" he cheers as good as he can with his stuffed nose and sore throat "Come see!"

"Macca...please...I wanna sleep..." John mumbles covering his head with his pillow to block the bassist out.

The feeling of weight pressing down the matrass tells him Paul is back on the bed followed by a shake of his shoulder.

"Johnny it's snowing!" Paul smiles while shaking his lazy friend and jumping up and down making the bed shake.

John slowly removes his pillow from his head and throws it straight into Paul's face who quiets down immediately.

"Finally..." John huffs and grabs Paul's pillow and tries to continue his sleep again.

"Johnny...?" Paul softly asks with a pout.

John slowly opens one of his eyes seeing the puppy dog eyes and pout of the bassist and well...who could resist that face anyway...?

He sighs and sits up in the bed observing Paul a bit better as far as he can without his glasses on.

John now notices how pale and unwell he looks and feels a bit sorry for him when Paul coughs into his hand again. He can see him shiver from cold and his cheeks are a bit flushed probably from a fever.

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